WMTM Alert: 2/11/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

I am SOUR GRAPES. The &Go Where-To LS Dress is on WMTM in all colors, and the solid navy blue was never released in the US. NOT COOL LULU NOT COOL. Definitely an uptick in gear available given that it’s lulu ‘spring’ now… check it all here.




  1. i got the heathered dark fuel & heathered black &go where to s/s dresses, the black what the sport shorts and a pair of run with me gloves.

    today was a good wmtm day, methinks.

  2. How did I miss the &GO SS dress the first time I looked?! Definitely just ordered the blue to go with my SS black and LS green. 🙂 #treatyoselfsomemore

  3. I noticed early mornings around 7:45am’s M-F they do a re-upload of WMTM (of random/restocked sale items) and regular merchandise. Sometimes you can find random items in your size earlier this week I scored a pair of Tracker III sold out Raspberry Bloom Pixie.

  4. Quick question! I’m planning to get my first FTB*W (the windy blooms/alarming one in WMTM) but I’ve noticed it’s been there for at least a month (sizes 4 & 6 are still left!) – do you know if anything is wrong with this particular colorway (fabric issues maybe?) that are causing people not to buy it?

    I’m getting the black WTS Shorts (my fave, so I’m upset about them discontinuing the original), but I’m getting them from my store for that sweet R&D discount 🙂

  5. Is there anyone who can tell me how the &Go everywhere and &Go where-to dresses fit (similar, different)? Are they identical just one is luon and the other rulu? I have the &Go everywhere dress in navy and I LOVE IT, so was thinking of getting a rulu one now. Can’t decide LS or SS.

    @Sam I have that FTBW bra and I love it. There is nothing wrong with it at all, I suspect they just made too much. The alarming straps look great with so tops. Now I wish they would just make more of the studio racerback as that tank looks great with the FTBW.

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