Last-Minute Gifting Guide (Share this With Your Procrastinator Boyfriend/Husband)


Hey you. YES, YOU! You waited until the last minute, didn’t you. Another Christmas (or maybe it’s your first one!) together is only 2 days away, and you have no idea what to get for the beautiful woman in your life that you call your significant other.


You sometimes sit back and wonder why she chose you, but some questions in this universe will never be answered. Just smile and give yourself one of these, you lucky bastard:

Now, back to the gifting dilemma. Let me declare an obvious truth: b*tches love yoga pants. They’re comfy as hell, and can be quite flattering. So, whether she’s a CrossFitter, a yogi or a couch potato, here are a few recommendations for you to run out and grab before it’s too late.

While I probably should have posted this two days ago so that you could hop on the ‘free shipping in time for Christmas’ train, I was too busy PR-ing my CrossFit Total. This is what you get for waiting until the last minute. Brick & Mortar, baby. Or an email confirmation printed and stuffed into a card, promising that Boxing Day is going to be way more awesome than Christmas.

And now, on to the lulu staples that will win over most any girl this side of anywhere who loves feeling like she’s in her pajamas, but it classy enough not to wear ratty old pajamas in public.

Wunder Under Pant *Hi-Rise ($98) in black

These are THE quintessential lululemon pant. The full-length means she can (and will) be wearing these with boots and dresses all winter long. Also, the high rise means no muffin top, and more importantly, she won’t be asking you “do I look fat in this?” all the time.

Align Pant and/or High Times Pant (both $98)

If your girl is short, either of these may be a better option than the WUPs listed above. They’re a 7/8 pant, which means they will be full length on anyone who’s 5’3″ or under.

The big difference here is the fabric. The Align Pant is a super soft wear around the house/do some yoga fabric, and the High Times is a thicker fabric that can handle both daily life and working out. Your call. Same look, same price, different feel.

If you’re looking for a fun weave, pattern or color – the High Times has more options available.

Scuba Hoodie III ($118)

Is she ALWAYS complaining that she’s cold? Instead of cranking up the heat and sweating your cojones off, buy her one of these. It’s one of the thickest sweatshirts I’ve ever felt, and while it’s roomy, it’s still fitted enough to be flattering.

Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($68) in ALL THE COLORS

For the girl who needs a shirt as bright as her personality, here you go. Fourteen million options, and it’s got thumbholes. (Bonus points if you’re engaged and you buy her one in your wedding color.)

Hokay. At this point some of you may be saying HOLD THE PHONE… we haven’t been together that long. Is there anything I can get her that’s under $50 at this effing store? The answer is yes sir. Yes, there is. Keep reading.

Free to Be Bra *Wild ($48)

You know you’ve made it when you see tiny companies trying to knock off your design. If your lady has a small or mid-sized chest, she’s going to like this one.

Energy Bra ($48)

Another lulu staple, which can handle a lot more abuse than the FTBW shown above.

Vinyasa Scarf ($48)

This thing is so versatile that lulu published a video on 10 different ways you can snap/unsnap and wear this thing. She can hide her face in it, and it doubles as a blanket when she (again) says she’s cold, for the umpteenth time today. If you’re feeling sassy, it also comes in a Zip-Up style.

Fly Away Tamer Headband or Skinny Fly Away Tamer Headband (both $12)

Lastly, for those of you who just need a damn stocking stuffer. While the lulu logo smack dab in the middle annoys me, I got one of these on sale once, and it’s one of my favorite headbands. It’s thick enough not to cause that awful ridge, and the velvet on the inside means this f*cker doesn’t move, even during the craziest workout. If she’s ok with the stupid little logo, she’s gonna like this.

I’ve rambled enough. Here’s your lululemon starter kit. NOW GO. SHOP!

May the Force be with you.


  1. This is simply awesome. Your suggestions are right on the money but even better are your hilarious comments. Laughed out loud. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

  2. lol I’m still new to lulu so this was a great primer but loved the overall tone. congrats on the PR!

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