5 Faves & a Dud: OMG that Onesie

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Yeah yeah yeah, this week’s recap was late. Why? Because one of my college friends was visiting on business and we did dinner together… and then turned the GOP debate into a drinking game. I was up late. I did not feel like a million dollars when I woke up this morning. Enough with the opening monologue, that isn’t what you’re here for. (Or is it?)

Christmas is 10 days away. Perhaps I should start my shopping.

5 Faves & a Dud – 12/15/15 Upload

Favorite #1: &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress ($158) in mini domo pixel berry rumble black/black

It’s all pixelated like old school video games. How cool is that?! MOM, I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS NOW… and I just texted her a link to a Rumble Roller on Amazon yesterday morning. It also has POCKETS! Oh who am I kidding, I need this in my life. What’s the point of a Christmas bonus if you can’t at least treat yourself to a pretty dress? Ordering.

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech LS ($68) in heathered bleached coral

This pink! It’s so preeeeettyyyyyyy. Want. <3 😀

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback ($42) in apex stripe black white

MOAR squee! I don’t need this, but I really like the mix of the stripe widths between the tank and the piping. I may cave if it’s still available after Christmas, Even though I already have the jail stripe CRB from 2013. Come to think of it, that may have been my first one! Ah, memories.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Bra *Wild ($48) in space dye camo white silver spoon/apex stripe black white

Another one that made me go woohoo! 3 cheers for mixed patterns in the same color family. I freakin’ love mixed patterns in the same color family. Given that they’re not the most supportive, I don’t own too many FTBWs, but I’m considering making an exception.

Favorite #5: What the Sport Tee ($58) in heathered black

The fact that I have already bought 3 of these tees this year is a clear indication that I am a fan of its cut and fit. While it’s not the most eye-catching design, it’s useful as hell.

The Dud: Bundle Up Ur Bundas Onesie ($178) in heathered medium gray/heathered black

Too easy. What the hell is this?! See also: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

More Random Notes

  • More colored Align Pants dropped, this time in berry rumble.
  • 2 of my favorite ol’ reliables – the Energy Bra and Speed Short – got the new wacky pattern treatment: static mist white black.
  • For those of you who have taken to the zippy Vinyasa Scarves, we have another one! I’ve only been able to wear my SE striped one ONCE, thanks to the unseasonably warm December we’ve been having. Grrr.
  • Speaking of scarves, there are also some FLEECE Vinyasas available this week. If they’re anything like the one I got on WMTM last year, they’re big, stiff and warm. (teehee)
  • New apex stripe Festival Bag, you’re a little quirky and I like you.
  • In case you live somewhere warm & toasty, the beautiful heathered bleached coral also comes in a short-sleeved Swiftly!
  • Come on, I want to know what the Tie & Go Tank looks like when you don’t tie it. Why, because I do what I want? (Mostly. Listen to your bosses and parents, people.)
  • If I want a Take it Easy Tank, I’ll grab some scissors and hack up an old tee-shirt like all the other meatheads at your local Buff’s Bodybuilding do.
  • For those of you into the Under Armour vibe, try the All About That Base LS and All About That Base Tight.
  • Another piece I’ve now got earmarked in hopes that it eventually goes on sale? The &Go Take You There Trouser.

Just the super fun dress for me today! Who got what?


  1. The same dress is literally sitting in my cart. I can’t decide if it’s worth it – I saw some store photos and the mesh seams might be putting me off – let me know how you like yours!

  2. *raises hand* i live somewhere warm & toasty!

    i have 2 things in my cart – the dress & the swiftly ss. havent checked out because i want to wait til wmtm hits tomorrow. hopefully.

    that onesie though. why, lulu? WHY!

  3. I snagged the dress in store on Monday- it is everything.
    I really wanted the pixel berry (a girl CAN have too many black dresses…) but they only had the black and weird checkered ones in store. Didn’t want to risk a sell out so I snagged black (and also prefer to buy with R&D discount in store vs. full price online!).
    It’s fitted but oh so delightfully stretchy, has pockets, and is perfection. The only weird thing is how long the zipper pull is in the back- but I suppose it’s useful.

      1. It fits very true to size- I’m a size 4 in everything and it’s just right. I’m short (5 even) and flat chested, so it fits nicely without being skintight or too long. My store didn’t get any 2’s in- if they did, I would have tried that on because I’m used to their fitted dresses being a little more fitted. I’m sure I could have gone with either size, but I’m content with the 4!

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