This Week’s FIRST Upload

5 Faves & a Dud

Well, egg on my face for waiting until last week’s WMTM uploaded before ordering the Beat the Sleet Pant. The size 10 sold out by Thursday morning! Guess there’s more interest in reasonably sensible styles than I thought! Ordered a size 8 before it was too late. They’re not ideal, but at this point I may just have to stop eating so much ice cream and deal with the smaller size.

Lesson to the masses: If you see something you like but need a few days to think about it, it’s better to BUY and return, instead of wait a few days and end up SOL. Rookie move on my part. I’ve called at least 7 stores in search of said Beat the Sleets in a 10, to no avail.

Anyhow, this week starts double drops! Would likely explain why when I popped into my local store AGAIN to see if they got said pants in, the girls told me they got SIXTY ONE boxes of new gear yesterday. Let’s get to the top 5 from this batch.

5 Faves & a Dud – 11/24/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Wind Runner Softshell Jacket ($248) in black

The parade of functionally cute gear to deal with Mother Nature’s annual 4-month case of PMS (aka winter) continues! We’ve got thumb holes. It’s water resistant. Oooooh and it’s got a DICKIE. What a word. Teehee. Wait no. At first glance, I thought it was a dickie. Truth is, there’s a cropped down vest inside. Dickie is more fun to say.

Favorite #2: Radiant Jacket ($108) in heathered black

RadiantLike like like! The golden zipper is a win. It looks like a hoodie, isn’t a hoodie. Still like. 🙂

Favorite #3: Wind Runner Pant ($128) in black grape

Nice follow-up to the Beat the Sleet! This pair looks to be thicker and fleece-lined, though. Guessing they feel like a loose Toasty Tech Tight, which, I tried on last week and they are STUPID WARM.

Favorite #4: Snow Amazing Mittens *Sherpa ($48) in bordeaux drama

MittensI’m influenced. I’m influenced by the fact that my fingers are still white despite getting home from the gym an hour ago. Then again, it could be my own damn fault that the thermostat is set at 59 right now. Once I finish this blog post, my hands are going inside my sleeves – not coming out until tomorrow.

Favorite #5: The MATHletes ($0) in Mean Girls

5thFaveJust couldn’t pick one that I liked enough to consider for a space in the top 5. No merit for mediocrity.

The Dud: Free Flow Crop ($88) in diamond jacquard space dye tender violet raspberry glo light/tender violet

The intention for detail is there, but it falls flat. A bit too busy in the front, and the seam placement only enhances the appearance of a pancake ass. It’s the reverse mullet effect.

OBTW… they didn’t upload that LS dress. >=[


  1. A) you could try the Anchorage store if you really want them. I notice we have styles long after they have been sold out online sometimes….
    B) Those Sherpa mittens are BA. I got some last year and they are the warmest cozier mittens ever! Only ones that actually keep my hands warm when it hits the negatives up here in AK.

  2. Your blog posts make me lol every single time. I thoroughly enjoy reading and love your humor. Keep em coming and thanks for all your blogging efforts.

  3. I know things are changing at lulu but they better not lose their ability to make behinds look fantastic! Pancake ass is NOT worth $98+

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