Lululemon’s Black Friday Exclusives

Most of us all know that lululemon does the OPPOSITE of what Black Friday is meant to do, which is offer crazy deals to customers. Instead, lulu comes out with a snappy and (usually) festive limited edition line, that’s usually more expensive.

Image: Lululemon/PopSugar

This week, lululemon released previews of this year’s reflective amphibian-themed goodies.

Speed Tight IV *SE Reflective ($198)

Pace Tight *SE Reflective ($298)

Race With Grace 1/2 Zip II *SE Reflective ($198) & Race To Place Run Hat *SE Reflective ($68)

Image: Lululemon/PopSugar

Not going to lie, this all looks pretty slick. However, I have a 100% reflective run jacket from a couple years ago, and while it looks damn snazzy, it does NOT breathe well.

Unless I win the lottery, there’s no way I’m spending $300 on a pair of tights, but if you do I won’t judge. Just a touch of shiny thing envy. 🙂

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