This Week’s Upload: Go Purple or Go Home

5 Faves & a Dud

Eggplant, Barney the Dinosaur, my phone case, upload. What do they all have in common? OMG PURPLE. ALL OF IT. I’m at a loss for much of a witty opener at the moment, so until I can think of something better and come back to edit, let’s all just sum up my feelings in one meme:


5 Faves & a Dud – 11/10/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Down for a Run Jacket ($198) in tender violet

DFRVestAs if the forage teal vest wasn’t enough to lose my mind over, then they drop both the vest and jacket in tender violet. Granted, it looks a bit lighter than that Flyaway Tamer headband dropped in TV last week, but who the hell cares. This jacket is purty. <3

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($68) in heathered tender violet

SwiftlyLSSaid a la one of the world’s most annoying people (who is also married to one of the other most annoying people in the world), Kanye West, this shirt be cray. AND I LIKE IT. Usually I’m not one for these funny textured weaves that swiftly’s have going on, but the chevron and the whatever the hell it’s supposed to be play together nicely.

Favorite #3: Yogini 5 Year LS ($68) in heathered bold violet

Yogini5All this talk about tender violet and black grape, and heathered bold violet sneaks in. I’m not sure what’s so bold about it, but I like it. This plus skinny jeans and my new brown motorcycle boots? This may dent the November lulu budget, which won’t be down $48, thanks to…

Favorite #4: Energy Bra ($48) in flashback static powdered rose tender violet/black

EnergyBra…So I tried to behave and sit back on the Heathered Slate Energy, waiting to order to see if something new that I wanted uploaded tonight. That ended up in a fail, only size 4 is left online. So, I must find a new Energy Bra to set my sights on. This one!

Favorite #5: Flow Y Bra IV ($42) in kayak blue

FlowYBraYou thought I was going to run the table with purple! Ha, I win. Kayak blue, you’re another color along with Raspberry Glo Light that really should have been released back in May. Whatever. It’s here now, and I hope to see more of it in the coming weeks!

The Dud: Cold as Fluff Parka ($298) in angel wing/camel/black

ColdAsFluffThe camel along the bottom. I can’ttttt. Plus the black sleeves make it look like the parka’s a vest. Nope nope nope.

Additional Notes

  • Raspberry Glo light has made it to the US, in both the Tracker Short & Speed Shorts. I kind of wish the Speeds didn’t have the trim and printed waistband.
  • Jewelled Magenta stuff is still surfacing somehow, this time in the Oxygen Bra. I like this piece much better in a solid color.
  • The award for longest colourway name of the week goes to the latest FTBW in flashback static caspian blue sapphire blue/sapphire blue/space dye camo caspian blue sapphire blue. What a mouthful for a tiny piece of clothing.
  • While I have no need for a Ta Ta Tamer, I really like the mix of the dramatic static black/white and flash light!
  • The Pace Rival Crops are growing on me, the flashback static & raspberry glo light combo are another WIN.
  • Aside from flashback static in black/white, we’ve now got in kayak blue/powder pink (Wunder Under Crops) and caspian blue jewelled magenta (Speed Shorts).
  • As mentioned in WWL late last week, sapphire blue Align Pants are here! I already have a bright blue pair of crops plus the digital blue lizard High Times from August, so I’m keeping my $98.
  • As predicted, the subzero Cold as Fluff Parka *Subzero came with a sky high price tag, at $348. Oomf.

Tempted by a few things tonight, but the trigger finger hasn’t twitched yet tonight. What about everyone else?


  1. Thought you would call this upload Purple Rain! I ordered the vest and the Yogini 5 yr LS, but I really, really, really want the vest in white. How are your Align pants holding up? I’ve worn mine to hot yoga 6-8 times and casually under a short dress once. Noticed pilling on the tops of the thighs after the last wash, and it’s distressing to me because I love how they feel, fit and perform.

    1. Hahaha purple rain did come to mind, but not until I’d already written the first title. Figured first instinct was the best, so I stuck with it.

      I haven’t put my Aligns through the ringer as far as working out goes, I mainly use them for wearing around the house and under skirts & dresses. There is some very slight pillage on the upper thighs, but no different than any pair of Wunder Unders I’ve had. Nothing more than I had expected, given my LACK of thigh gap. 🙂

  2. I got the speeds bc the color was so pretty. Plus my local store never seems to get anything lately. I didn’t mind the contrast trim. Didn’t love the waistband, but it’s not horrid so I bought them. I also bought the intrinsic tank bc it kinda reminded me of the shape of the old 105 singlet but it also comes with a bra (able to separate) so I figure if I like it, $58 for a tank and a bra is a good deal. Good either be a dud or my new favorite.

    I wanted the gray energy bra too and held off too long. That’s the one bra I take a 6 in, rest 4s. Eff. I don’t think I’d be able to get it on. Well, if I did, it would be on permanently. Liked the new Flow Y bra too. That blue is so pretty. Hope to see more of it. This was actually the first upload in awhile that caught my eye. (All this cold weather stuff does nothing for me in HI)

    That was all. Ordered a couple capris to try out from athleta. Haven’t ever purchased from them before but they have free shipping right now till tmrw (code: HOLIDAY). They have a nice pair of striped capris that are reminiscent of LLL but at a waaaaaay better price tag.

  3. I considered the Speeds too given the “not horrid” waistband, but I got the pink lemonade ones this summer and should really wear them more often before I justify another pink pair.

    I’m hoping my local store has the gray Energy still! It’s been over a week since it dropped and I’m still thinking about it, so that means it’s ok to drop the cash on this one, you know, if I can still find it!

    Also curious to hold some Fresco Blue up next to Kayak Blue to see the difference. Maybe there will actually be a CRB this time around!

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