50% Off Select FRYE Boots Today!


This is big enough news for my fellow boot lovers that I’m blogging this while walking through concourse A of the Atlanta airport to share with you ASAP. 

Okay, so I pulled over to stand and tick away furiously on my iPhone. Zombie walkers annoy me. 

Fun fact: Amazon Prime is awesome. Even sans free shipping Amazon kicks ass. I don’t really pay attention to the ‘Today’s Deals’ section, but a banner ad on Facebook today successfully caught my attention.

I’ve had my eye on Frye boots for AT LEAST 5 years now, but the $300+ price tags have always held me back. Today, Amazon is featuring select styles of Frye boots & bags for deals as nice as 50% off. 
Those Carson Wedge Booties usually go for $297.

Today? $149.


 How to find the awesome deals and see if anything that fits your tastes now fits your budget, head to Amazon.com and look for a header that says “Today’s Deals” – it may be hiding near a vacuum cleaner today. 

In the iOS app, it’s in the menu that appears from hitting the menu button in the top left corner.

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