What We Love: COLORED Align Pants, Double Uploads & Goose Feathers Too

What We Love

They say you learn something new every day. Today, I learned by scrolling through the comments section of last week’s WWL that there will be DOUBLE uploads during the holiday season this year. Apparently this isn’t new practice in lulu-land, but seeing that I wasn’t quite full blown compulsively cruising upload on a weekly basis during last year’s holiday season, I didn’t even notice. I just remember I was too busy having fun taking long weekend vacations to Denver and San Diego at that point in time.

At any rate, save your pennies and get your wish lists ready, per Katelin the deLULUge (see what I did there?) begins in the next few weeks. Done with puns now. Moving on.

What We Love – 11/10/15 Upload

First up, we’ve got the Cold as Fluff Parka, supposedly capable of keeping you comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. Forget the stylings of the jacket, let’s just all immediately jump to the guessing game of what the astronomical price tag is going to be. I’m guessing they’re going to try to up the ante over the 1x a Lady Jacket given the sub-zero claims, so my guess is this sucker is going to cost $268. Then again, the North Face & Columbia charge even MORE than that for some of their pieces, so maybe it’s not so far-fetched after all.20151106_WWL2

The Yogini 5 Year LS is back for another go around. I snagged one on WMTM last year (it’s the striped one pictured in the top right photo collage of this page), and it’s super soft. If I recall correctly, it’s got thumb holes and definitely is a generous fit around the midsection. Pregnant lulu lovers, you’ll be able to wear this one for a bit longer than some of your other lulu shirts – this is a straight fit, as opposed to a slim.20151106_WWL3

Ummmm…. there’s a lot going on here. The front’s not wowing me with the paneling, and the back looks like a complicated road map. If it’s released in solid color schemes, I could see this being a fun one for hot yogis. Let’s wait and see!20151106_WWL4

If you even buy this… you’re nuts. Go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and buy yourself some scissors and a child-size blanket. Cut a hole in the middle of the blanket. VOILA, DIY Divinity Scarf, MacGyver style. You’re welcome.

Make way for Tender Violet! I’m actually surprised to see this color moving in, given the fact that the similar Regal Plum is all over WMTM right now. Still a nice rich jewel tone.

You: “But it’s only in Canada and I’m in the US! Why do we always get the shaft?! WAHHHH”

Me: Chin up, buttercup, because Katelin just revealed something that’s gonna make you go all:


Even though I already gave it up in the post’s title… here they are! The masses have asked and lulu has delivered.


Sapphire Blue Align Pants! Woohoo! Now, given the fact that I have the black pair and know how nulu feels, the sheerness factor may end up being a non-issue. However, these are no full-on luon that’s going to help disguise any less than flattering squish you’re self conscious about. Nulu is definitely a thinner fabric, as evidenced by the fact you can see the card pocket’s outline in the stock photos. Proceed with cautious optimism. These could be a godsend or a disaster.


    1. Oooooh good call on Celsius! They totally got the blonde in me who didn’t consider the fact that lulu HQ measures temperatures on a different scale. I am hesitant to trust lulu for the hardcore outerwear.

      While their Denali fleeces are considered gimmicky and trendy nowadays, my super frickin cold weather loyalty lies with North Face. The same jacket that got me through 4 years of sub zero Syracuse is still as good as the day I got it back in 2003.

      1. As a Rochester girl, I have a $150 (that I paid half for due to working at Dick’s for a few years) Columbia coat filled with that shiny stuff that reflects your body heat back to you (just googled it, it’s called omni-heat). $75 for a coat that actually gets me too warm up until around -15F (where I get neutral – not cold but not sweating either) and that seems like it’ll last for at least a decade is a good deal to me.

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