WMTM Alert! – 11/5/15

WMTM Alert

Let’s get down to business, things are up a little early today. Really though, there are no earth-shattering deals. Biggest surprise is the Kanto Catch Me LS. The number of items available isn’t too high (46), but I can tell WMTM has been updated because they rearranged all those Regal Plum pants from the top to further down the page.

  • Thought this one would have been a bit more popular, perhaps the bell sleeves did this one in. The Kanto Catch Me LS is already down to $59. FOUR colors have ALL SIZES available, 2’s and 12’s included. If the higher price had you on the fence, now is the time to swoop in and score. I DO like the forage teal dark fuel one, I may put it in my shopping cart and see if it’s still there in a few days. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be.
  • I have a renewed appreciation for the Spring Break Away Short after having purchased a sized down pair for $29 at the outlet a couple weeks ago. They’re currently $39 on WMTM.
  • Mini cherry cheetah ultra violet naval blue did NOT get its proper go at full price, but floral sport multi did? Whomp whomp. If you’re into blue and pink, there are still a few options for you in the form of the Barre None Tank, Super Sport TankDrop it Like It’s Hot Tight and Splendour Bra.
  • Size 2 & 4 ladies apparently did not take to the Run for Gold Tank. 6 colors are available, but only in those 2 sizes. All others are sold out.
  • There are still many Meshed Up Tanks available from when they first appeared in WMTM. If you’re one of those people who tries to rationalize the cost of ridic expensive stuff (a la reversible Wunder Unders and anything Savage Swim), talk yourself into this one. For $44 you get both a tank AND a sports bra.


  1. I got the sapphire Kanto Catch Me with fingers crossed that my usual rulu TTS 10 will be ok, despite the slim arms and fitted midsection. Spring Break Away shorts rock! I love mine because they are super comfy and cool, but still look more tailored for situations requiring that. They are for sure on my packing list for an upcoming warm destination trip (versatile, easy wash and dry). My Run for Gold tank makes me sad. It’s a WMTM miss for me because it gives me back fat, but the size up would surely flash everyone in yoga in Warrior 3 or Eagle or Chair. . .

    Love your notes on WMTM each week! Thanks!!

  2. So tempted to get the sapphire Kanto since all other sapphire tops eluded me this fall (waited to long on the Go the Distance and the Define). Also, thanks for the rationalization on the meshed up!

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