WMTM Alert! 7/30/15

lululemonWMTM Alert

Alright, doing my darnedest to get back in the groove with your regularly scheduled dose of OMG LULU. This week’s WMTM jumped from 16 > 52 Items!


· Running in the City Tank, now only $39  Somewhat surprising, thought this tank had enough traction to last a couple more weeks.

· Just can’t seem to get rid of the Studio Racerback. If you’ve got a shorter torso, give this one a shot.

· Run for Days LS is still lingering, at least the green camo sold out? So there’s that.

· Apparently the adjustable All-Sport Bra was not a huge hit – tons of colors and sizes available for $39!

· I’ve seen a lot of Sun Runner LS’s on hangers, not on people outside of stores. Price drop to $59, still a bit steep if you ask me.

· I called it – the Long Story Short is now on the cheap.

· Suprising find! The Top Speed Crop is available in ALL SIZES in Cyber Stripe Deep Coal Black

· If you’re lucky enough for no cellulite, then shadows won’t be an issue for you in the Jewelled Magenta All You Need Crop

· Jet Crops on the cheap. Shocker. Quit it with the drop crotches, lulu!

· WUC’s in Hawk Blue available in size 4-10, not a bad deal at $54

· WHOA. The Heat Wave White/Black High Times are available for $69. First time I think High Times have ever made it to WMTM!!!

· Roll-Down WUPs in a few colors, I wish the nightsky harbor blue black was featured more this year.

· Totes, headbands, scarves… the usual.

Wallet is feeling a bit empty after this weekend, so I am going to pass this week. What about you?

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