This Week’s Upload: The Lulu Lust Has Wandered

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Almost back on a normal schedule after a wild 2 weeks of traveling, working and CROSSFIT GAMESING! Recap of the weekend to come soon, once the vast pile of laundry is done and I’ve pared down the hundreds of photos I snapped on the DSLR. Talk about shutter freakin’ happy.

My mind’s been wandering about as much as this Wanderlust collection that dropped this week. Only 1 favorite comes from the collection this week, the rest is a total PASS.

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/28/15 Upload

Favorite #1: High Times Pant *Wrap Mesh ($98) in pretty plum angel wing black/angel wing

IMG_6673Although it’s not officially part of the collection, it’s the only piece to make the list with that Wanderlust vibe. Clearly everyone else loved them too, this dose of lululemon derriere flattery sold out overnight. Still available in black & ace spot grain (blargh) if you’re a fan.

Favorite #2: Run: Speed Short ($54) in alarming

IMG_6674No odd contrasting stitching or weird waistband to ruin the design! Like, woohoo & stuff. Finally.

Favorite #3: Back Pack It Jacket ($138) in angel wing/black

BackPackItNormally I’m not into off-white (I type this despite wearing an ivory shirt to work today), but the contrasting hood adds a bit of fun to this jacket. Kind of like a black & white cookie, but better for the waistline.

Favorite #4: Swiftly Tech LS ($68) in heathered dashing purple

SwiftlyLS_DashingPurpleIt’s 100 degrees outside, and this color still makes me want to wear long sleeves. Grab this one now if you have enough patience to save this LS for September – it will look pretty awesome with a fading summer tan, no joke.

Favorite #5: Run: Top Speed Crop ($88) in heathered black/sunset stripe blush quartz multi

TopSpeedCropAnother week where I struggle to find a fifth fave! That’s how much I’m NOT into this Wanderlust stuff. At the end of the day, the texture of the heathered Top Speed Crops caught my eye. It’s that one little way the zipper that pulls on the side seam that prevents me from dropping the cash on a pair of these!

The Dud: Rue Boheme Bra ($48) in blue denim/peach fuzz

IMG_6675Some of you may be thinking how the hell the Superb Pant with it’s super stupid slits don’t win the dishonor of the week, but there’s something that gives off the play doh rope vibe that I just can’t make like T.Swizzle and shake it off. Anyone else see it?


Additional Notes

  • The harem pant trend has not yet ended! Oh Superb Pant, how close you were to being this week’s Dud.


  1. Those Wrap High Times pants sold out FAST! I looked at the upload at 7EST, gone in most sizes. I am planning to order either the WUP or WUC in this print. Leaning toward the WUP because of the roll down waist. I too like the dashing purple swiftly. Florida winters barely call for anything with sleeves, so having two LS swiftlies is prob enough for me.

    1. I had a hunch they were going to be a hot seller, so when I glanced at upload around 6:35p I took a screenshot knowing that they probably would be gone by the time I was able to write my weekly post! I was right – sounds like they all vanished in Pistachio CRB kind of time!

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