WMTM Alert! – 7/2/15

lululemonWMTM Alert

So I slacked on the WMTM Alert last week. Instead of posting up at my laptop on my lunch break, I was too busy doing fun things like taking the day off from work to play on rocks and drink epic juice. See?

ClimbJuiceAnyhow, I’m here for ya this week. Starting count is pretty high, with 57 items available as of Wednesday night. Ready, set, notes!

WMTM Alert – 7/2/15

Get the goodies here.

Part I – What’s already there from last week:

  • The Dancing Warrior Tank made a rather early arrival last week, priced to move at $29. For a tank with built-in support, this is a deal if you’re into random prints and funky straps.
  • The What the Sport Singlet apparently didn’t go over too well in the metallics. Both the heathered JM and heathered poseidon are available in all sizes.
  • The Principle Tank (aka the 105F Singlet’s non-scalloped twin) is available in a whole host of ballerina colors. Available in most sizes, the fringe 2’s & 12’s depend on the color.
  • Anyone wearing the Crossback Tank? If you’re a size 4, you’re in luck. Multiple color options, and 4 is the only size you have your pick of the litter. Feel like lulu did absolutely zero promotion or featuring of this piece all year. #whompwhomp
  • If you’re a size 2 and want to hop on the Mesh With Me Tank train, here’s your chance for a discounted ticket. I’ve got to admit… I bought this tank this year, and hardly ever wear it. Seems too fancy to sweat in, and looks too gym-ish to wear casually. Plus, the built-in bra is not very supportive. Took it for a ‘run’ once and made the quick decision that its first run would also be its last.
  • One of the biggest appearances of last week was SWIMWEAR! I snagged the Surf to Sand Tie Top in Harbor Blue for just $29, and I’m stoked. Definitely planning to wear it this weekend!
  • The Retreat Dress & Salty Swim Dress (size 6 only) are now available for a much more reasonable price.
  • For the few that can actually pull off baggy drop crotch boyfriend pants, take your pick. Jet Crop, Namaskar Pant, City Jogger & Tearaway Pant, all are looking for a few home.

Part II – New Arrivals

  • MORE long sleeves. Stock up for fall now, I guess. The Between the Lines LS has been marked down in stores for ages, but now it’s online.
  • Mwahahaha I win the standoff. The Run for Days LS is now discounted from $54 to $49.
  • Whoa baby… ALL THE COLORS of the Dancing Warrior Tank are available for $29!!!
  • Size 4’s, the striped Cool Racerback has dropped to $24! GET ON IT.
  • Breezie Regal Plum is getting the boot for the season. Wunder Under Pants, Wunder Under Crops AND Wunder Under Crop (Roll-Down) available in ALL SIZES.
  • The somewhat strange Inner Essence Crop is now available.
  • Nobody wants Full-on Luxtreme crops. The fullux Inspire Crop II is now available in Pigment Wave Multi too.
  • No new adds to the bra selection this week. Oh well! Better next week.

Nothing for me this week, seeing that I recently got the Wunder Under Crops and Swim Top.

Who’s snagging what?


  1. No snagging here this week (might consider the regal plum print rolldown WUC), but I did get an Electric Coral and Animal Print Flow Y bra at the Sarasota, FL store two weeks ago for $24 a piece. Couldn’t pass up that deal on those colors!

    1. It’s crazy what kind of fun stuff you can find in stores. All the swimwear was marked down a few weeks ago in my local store, and today they had the JEWELLED MAGENTA ENERGY BRA for $29, which totally blew my mind!

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