This Week’s Upload: What the Sport, Solid CRBs & Shiny Thing(s)

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Life is funny. Like, how on 3.5 hours of sleep, sitting on a plane all day, fueled by airport cheeseburger sliders, 2 beers and some Raisinets, I ran 5 miles when I got home from St. Louis last night and felt like a million bucks. Today, after 8+ hours of sleep and a salad for lunch, ONE mile and the subsequent DU/Pushup WOD I did felt like total crap. But… GUESS WHAT FINALLY CAME!

Going bananas over last week’s upload, I got my paws on the much-anticipated Pistachio CRB, along with the Grapefruit CRB, heathered greyt (lulu, WTF is ‘greyt’ anyway, just call it grey or great) speed shorts & Iris Flower What the Sport Tee. Love ’em all. I was really hoping that this week’s upload wouldn’t be anything spectacular. The sum of all of my lulu purchases in the past 6 weeks or so is excessively high, so I’m going to try to make a conscious effort to be more selective on Tuesday evenings from now on. NOT MY FAULT they marked down all the swimwear in my local store! 😛

Here we go with this week’s edition of 5 Faves & a Dud, in which the Dud is a CLEAR CUT loser.

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/30/15 Upload

Favorite #1: What The Sport Tee *Mesh ($58) in grapefruit

WTSportHaving worn the black one multiple times since buying it a whopping 10 days ago, I’ve received many compliments on it. The mesh is light, airy, not too stiff. It fits loosely without making it look like you’re wearing a tent. Long story short, I’m going to try to restrain myself from buying this one because the budget isn’t infinite. But, I still want it. I mean, I already have the matching CRB to layer underneath…

Favorite #2: Run: Top Speed Crop ($98) in space dye twist iris flower pink shell

TopSpeedA step in the right direction! I still don’t like how that zipper pocket pulls on the Top Speed Crops, so I won’t be buying these, but I really like the pattern on its own! Next up, High Times and/or Wunder Unders please and thank you? Come on lulu, you know you want to.

Favorite #3: What the Sport Tee ($58) in heathered black/gold

WTSportGoldYes, another What the Sport. I already gushed over the black one, and I’m happily wearing the heathered iris flower one right now. However, wouldn’t this look cute tucked into some black shorts or skinny jeans and with sandals and a statement necklace? Just a thought. A fun, cute, shiny thought.

Favorite #4: Cool Racerback ($42) in alarming

CRBLook at lulu all sneaking in more solid colors this week in a rare RED! I really like Alarming, but I bought Flaming Tomato over the winter. The two are a bit too close in shade for me to spend another $42.

Favorite #5: Straight Up Bra ($42) in banana leaf white black

StraightUpI had to sit for a good 5 minutes and internally debate if I’d even be able to pick out a 5th favorite. I’m going to go with this colourway of the Straight Up Bra. I tried on the Flow Y IV in this print recently, and liked the pattern a lot, the white mesh panel on the back is what ruined it for me. This bra is missing the white weirdness, so for that you are rewarded with a spot in the top 5!

The Dud: Sweaty or Not Long Short ($68) in white

DudNopeA bitmoji is worth a thousand nopes. They were bad from the main What’s New page, and then I clicked on them and saw the awful mesh fabric that make the pockets and the liner underneath so obvious. This is the worst Dud I’ve seen in a while. If you ever wanted to wear your dad’s swimsuit liner from 1978, congrats. Here’s your chance. The extremely short countdown to seeing these on WMTM starts now.

Additional Notes

  • A crowd favorite, the Wild Tank has made its return. Anyone else as annoyed as I am with the asymmetrical straps on the model in the pictures for the crosscourt petal? Get it together, lulu.
  • The Sweaty or Not Capsule is the newbie of the week, but the silly string motif isn’t doing it for me. Check the bra and tank out for yourself.
  • The black Speed Shorts got a new featured stock photo, and now they’re available in the blush quartz that’s asking to get dirty, and that weird bubblegum pink & purple combination that I’m sure your 12-year-old niece thinks is SO FETCH.


None for Gretchen Wieners. I digress. ANYWAY…

Anyone find something they like this week?


  1. I grabbed the alarming crb even though I too worry that it’s too similar in color to tanks I already have but I didn’t want to miss it just in case it sells out. I too managed to snag a pistachio crb (yay, love it!) and now I’d rather buy now, return later. I couldn’t say no to the grapefruit or gold what the sport tees. After picking up the black what the sport tee and two pairs of pace rival crops this last week, my lulu budget for the next 3 months is spent! Nice job holding back 🙂

    1. Hahaha I’m referring to the iris flower/pretty purple stripes. They scream ivivva! Knowing me, I’d sit in a pile of dirt by accident within 2 minutes of wearing the Sunset Stripe Blush Quartz Print.

    1. Hey! I ordered the reversible high times too and got an email earlier tonight that they were out of stock. Just curious if that happened to you too or if you were lucky enough to still get them 🙂

      1. haha i got this at like 5am on the stairclimber and frantically checked my email and lulu account to see what it said…i didn’t get an email saying I’m not getting them but it still says ‘processing’ on my account so they haven’t shipped yet…now i’m super nervous. I’ll let you know!

      2. haha i got this at like 5am on the stairclimber and frantically checked my email and lulu account to see what it said…i didn’t get an email saying I’m not getting them but it still says ‘processing’ on my account so they haven’t shipped yet…now i’m super nervous. I’ll let you know!

    2. I’m sorry it happened to you too 🙁 I think you may be right about their not actually having them in stock, I haven’t seen anyone comment that their order went through. Maybe next upload!

  2. Safe this week, thank the lulu gods. I don’t wear a lot of red so I think I’m passing on alarming, but who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and think differently. 😛 I’m still debating what to do with the 3 things I got from last week’s upload. How did your greyt speeds work out?

    1. Safe right now, trying to talk myself off the ledge on the Grapefruit WTS Tee!

      Tried on the greyt Speeds quickly this afternoon and at first impression, I really like them! Was a little surprised to find the pattern was a print, not woven. The fit seems a little long in back like the Fresco Blue Speeds, but I don’t think they flare out as much when you’re looking at them head on. Going to try to snap a few half decent photos to share a fit report this week.

      I’d also be lying if I said that RSYB that you got last week wasn’t in my shopping bag…

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