How to Get Away With Wearing Lululemon to Work


I’m a member of Corporate America by choice, because I love my job and blogging doesn’t pay the bills. When I’m not on the road and am living the cube life, I like to push that business casual envelope about as far as I can. Also, sometimes my office is a stadium, so I can drop the ‘business’ part of the definition on occasion.

Lululemon is the definition of functional and comfortable, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that I’ve let lulu seep into the work threads. While the Free to Be Wild Bras and Speed Shorts need to stay at home, here are a few examples of how I take some of the lululemon pieces from the past and present from the sweat life to the WORK life.

HEADS UP: Many photos were taken before this blog existed. Enjoy making fun of the bad lighting, awkward poses and odd facial expressions. I won’t be quitting my job to pursue modeling anytime soon.

Everyday Pant

Everyday Pant Collage

The Everyday Pant didn’t get its due when they were available last fall, ending up on WMTM. I was an initial skeptic as well, but I got lucky and found both pairs on markdown while they still went online for full price. All the smaller sizes sold out super quick at my local store, and they had a 10 in each Black and Navy left over that didn’t go as quickly.

These pants have all the belt loops, functional zippers and pockets as expected in your standard pair of skinny jeans, but they’re a techier fabric. As mentioned earlier, my office is sometimes a race track or a stadium in a sweaty humid climate, these are perfect for those soupy days when I’ve got to look half decent but am also quite literally sweating my ass off. I hope that these (or a similar style) come around in 2015. They would be PERFECT in Vintage Green!

As for the cubicle farm, I tend to pair these with a simple top and boots or ballet flats ALL the time.

Love Tee

A filtered look at the Love Tee, CRB & Everday Pant
Two words: Size down! The Love Tee is meant to be on the looser side, so take it a size (or two) down for a more clean and fitted look. I normally take a 10 in Energy Bras, an 8 in the CRB & FTBW and the last Love Tee I bought (Pictured above) was the size 6 off the mannequin. The V-Neck makes the Love Tee easy to dress up with a fun statement necklace. Cuffs on the sleeves are another plus.

Every Yogi Tee

Every Yogi Tee, 7 for All Mankind Gwenevere Pant in Paradise Pink
Available in 2014, I bought 3 of them. Like the Love Tee, the Every Yogi is a wonderful basic with enough length to keep your lower back covered when you sit down in a chair. Or end up having to chase the ball during an epic game of ping pong. True story.

What you do you mean your office doesn’t have a ping pong table? #lame

Cool Racerback

CRB Collage
Left and Right: Deep Navy CRB, Center: Black Cherry
The CRB is a phenomenal layering piece due to its long length and straight hem. The only caveat is that it comes up a bit high on the back of the neck, so stay away from wider necklines with these if you want to avoid the “hey look I’m wearing a sports bra” look. Your best bet is to layer it underneath a crew neck or button-down.

Get It On Blouse2
Get It On Blouse

Power Y Tank

While I don’t own one myself, I don’t see why you can’t use the Power Y for the same layering purposes as the CRB. The thinner straps and Y pattern in the back will eliminate that high neck problem the CRB may present. The built-in bra is a total bonus.

Get it On Blouse

Priced a bit high, I was lucky to find this blouse on WMTM. It’s made of a material similar to a swimsuit, so it stretches and doesn’t wrinkle. The Get it On is fantastic if you need to roll off on airplane and go straight to work. Comfort and style all rolled into one. I call this piece a winner, especially for those of us who big shoulders.

Wunder Under Pant

Sweater dress by Banana Republic, FRIGID WINTER by Mother Nature
At the gym, at the grocery store, around the house, rock them on their own all you like. But, when you’re in a professional environment, let’s get something straight. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.

To keep yourself looking professional, layer them underneath a skirt or sweater dress and make sure your butt is 100% covered. In that case, then you’re just wearing stupid comfy extra thick tights that keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Bhakti Yoga Jacket

This one’s a little bit of a stretch (no pun intended). I work in a more laidback environment, so while this jacket may not fly on Wall Street, I’ve paired it with the Everyday Pant and boots during the winter months many times. Thumb holes are awesome when the office AC thinks it’s ok to kick on in March.

Straight Up Tank

Even though i returned the one I bought this season, it’s still going onto the list. I saw ‘tight’ listed on the website and made an error in sizing up when I really shouldn’t have. It’s not a matter of anything wrong with the shirt, so much as my making a poor call on what size to get.

Here’s the big selling point: it’s NOT a racerback! Meaning, you can wear a non-sports bra with this tank. It was designed with the Ta-Ta Tamer in mind, which doesn’t have the usual criss-cross in the back. I liken its length to that of a Studio Racerback, which is shorter than a CRB. If you’re on the taller side, try this one on in person first if you can.

Vinyasa Scarf

The Vinyasa scarf is so darn versatile. Not only does it keep you warm and cute in the winter, it also serves as a kickass airplane blanket. The snaps give it a bit more understated decor than your average pashmina full o’ fringe, but also opens up the door of possibilities to wear the vinyasa as more than an infinity scarf. So much so that lulu on created a video to showcase just how many different ways you can step out in yours.

There you have it. I know some of the pieces featured in this post aren’t available anymore, but I hope that this gives you a good idea of what kind of pieces can be used both in you work AND workout wardrobes.


  1. I love this post! Here’s my two cents on this awesome topic:

    The Day Trip blouse (currently on WMTM) is another great work top similar to the Get It On Blouse (which I also have and wear to work constantly). I keep a Vinyasa scarf at my desk during much of the year to combat our frigid AC system. A lot of lulu cardigans and sweaters are GREAT for wearing to work – a pair of Uniqlo jeggings, a CRB, and the Post-Practice Cardigan with boots – fall outfit DONE. I wear the Om Tee to work a decent amount too – it could look sloppy but I find I can loosely tuck in the front to a pair of bootleg jeans and some fancy jewelry takes it to an acceptable level. And to top it all off, I’m wearing the Refresh Racer maxi dress from last year right now – a chambray button down and heeled sandals carry it into business casual territory. 🙂

    Maybe we should make a tumblr just for lulu office outfit pics: #luluattheoffice

    1. I’ve taken a look at the Day Trip Blouse, but have been on the fence, fearing the fabric wouldn’t be stiff enough for the collar to hold up. For a Final Sale item, makes me nervous to drop $54 on something I may not like at all.

      Love the cardigan idea, I don’t have any from lulu yet, just the Cabin Yogi LS from this past winter, which keeps you crazy warm!

      Also… fall can’t come soon enough. Everyone else you can have your summer fun, I want my football and SKINNY JEANS & BOOTS season ASAP 🙂

  2. I have definitely worn lulu to my business casual office in corporate america. I like to wear the power y under a cardigan (and don’t have to wear a bra that day – yay small boobs!). I also wear my Forme jackets over a tank on casual jean days. And on cold FL days (rare), I wear my WUP under my dresses.

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