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What ‘We’ Love: Squiggles & Stripes

Sweaty or Not, heeeeere it comes! More new stuff coming our way. After this past week’s drop, I’m still in a pistachio-induced fog. Yet, Thursday snuck up quick this week. So quick that it’s Friday already. Fancy that.

I use ‘we’ in quotes, because of all the items featured in this lineup, there’s only one piece that I’m really loving. So, it’s what Katelin loves… not me 🙂

What We Love – 6/25/15


Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.


Time for the lululemon ink blot test… I know it’s supposed to be palm trees, but does anyone else see the similarity to a pot leaf in this print? Then there are the squiggles… the awkwardly placed squiggles. Just can’t envision what style bra wouldn’t look a little strange underneath.


The Sweaty or Not Crop is coming, in everyone’s (not) favorite fabric, Full-On Luxtreme! I do like the perforation in the design on the calves. Aside from that, not really seeing anything distinct on this piece.

WWL4I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually like the SHORTS runsie better! I don’t know. Can’t find the words for this one.




Did these fall off of an ivviva truck? Grape soda and bubble gum don’t exactly put me in the mindset to train hard for anything. Pass.


The In Flux jacket is now available in everyone’s favorite fall color that came 4 months too early.



4 thoughts on “What ‘We’ Love: Squiggles & Stripes”

  1. I kinda cracking up at the commentary. Nothing noteworthy to add… Only that I got my pistachio CRB today. 👍😁 happiness.


    1. I was trying to be nice including the palm tree part in there. Totally saw Mary Jane for a good 15min before bothering to process the bit of knowledge that the word ‘palm’ is in the color’s name. Whoooops?


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