What We Love – The Pink & Purple We’ve All Been Waiting For


There’s been lots of commentary that the lulu as of late is not the bright and peppy brand it once was, as reflected by the more muted colors and less frilly ruffly squiggly designs they’ve been churning out. Well, along with the Clear Mint and Fresco Blue to keep us color lovers happy so far this year, another happy color is brought into this mix this week along with a beloved staple in a popular new color that I predict will sell quickly.

Also, the first tennis capsule of the year is here for all the ladies who are looking to fall in LOVE with some new gear. (See what I did there?)

Catch the full post of this week’s WWL on HeyLululemon.com here.

2015-05-21 A

I’ve played tennis for years, but I’ve never played it in a white dress. However, this dress looks both roomy and form-fitting all at the same time. If I ever hit the jackpot of life for a tennis geek and get the chance to play a match at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, I’ll order one of these babies up.

2015-05-21 B

I’m also a fan of the Ace Tank! Too bad I’m way too much of a hot mess to keep a white tank dirt-free for more than 10 minutes.

2015-05-21 C

Ace Skirt, I like you too. See note about about hitting the tennis jackpot of life.

2015-05-21 F

The All Sport Bra seems to have gotten a little bit of a strappy makeover inspired by the Energy and FTBW bras. Not sure if I don’t love it from the design, or due to the muted pastel color.

2015-05-21 G

I like the On the Daily hoodie, but I’m past the point on the calendar where it makes sense to pay full price for a lulu hoodie. I got a black Stride Jacket II on markdown back in September and I’ve felt zero need to buy a lulu hoodie since. I don’t even own a Scuba! *crowd gasps in shock*

2015-05-21 H

Any seamless crop I’ve ever tried on results in a distracting camel toe. Pass >.<

2015-05-21 I

High Times! Love the style but not sold on the print… seems a bit too similar to the Blue Savasana Camo that came out earlier this year. Still holding out for another epic fun pair like the Cyber Stripe Silver Fox *Zips that dropped back in March.


2015-05-21 E

They call it Iris Flower, I call it GRAPE SODA AND I LOVE IT. Must buy. Tuesday are you here yet?

2015-05-21 D

Last, but certainly not least, the CRB is coming in Heathered Jewelled Magenta! Get your credit cards ready, ladies – I envision these will be selling like hot cakes.

AMEX must freaking love me.

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