Thoughts on the TrueForm Runner

Photo Credit: CrossFit Games Official Facebook Page
Photo Credit: CrossFit Games Official Facebook Page

When Regional WODs were announced by CrossFit HQ a couple weeks ago… here’s a rough summary of the reactions I saw in various comments sections & status updates:

  • A general sentiment of gasp shock awe up in arms
  • UGH there’s a TREADMILL incorporated into Regionals
  • How dare they take a piece of equipment from the dreaded globo gym and use it in CrossFit?
  • It’s FAKE running
  • Who wants to watch that?

Well, the curved treadmills are somewhat of a new thing. I first encountered one about 3 years ago at my corporate wellness center, but haven’t seen or heard of them anywhere else. I’m not sure how many are out there, but I am willing to bet a lot of people out there haven’t gotten a chance to hop and give the ol’ hamster wheel a go.

What’s the issue with the TrueForm Runner, when nobody’s got a problem with the Concept2 Rower? They both are stationary simulations of an otherwise self-propelling movement.

This isn’t your average treadmill. Shoot, I don’t really like using that term either, because it lumps the TrueForm Runner (and other similar models out there) in with totally different pieces of equipment. It’s easier to run on a motorized treadmill, because the belt moves for you. All you really need to do on a sped up motorized treadmill is pick your feet up fast enough so you won’t get thrown back against the wall and into the latest GYM FAIL video on YouTube.

Here we go with a little breakdown on how they work.

We all know those people in our respective boxes who see the word ‘running’ posted in the WOD and coincidentally -or not- decide to rest that day. While I’m not the best or fastest around, I still am not afraid of a running WOD. So, let me say this… the self-propelled runners are legit, and remain the only piece of equipment I’ve gone so hard on that I’ve come close to passing out during a workout. This is coming from a former Division 1 athlete who also did Open WOD 15.5 THREE TIMES.

Before you turn your nose up at one of these contraptions, give it a try. It will likely tire you out more than you want to admit.

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