WWL Update: Straight Up Tank & Inner Essence Skirt


This week’s What We Love has been updated to include 2 more new pieces: the Straight Up Tank & the Inner Essence Skirt.

2015-05-15 WWL UpdateI’m curious to check out the Straight Up Tank in person… something tells me that it may become a layering mainstay in my everyday wardrobe. I really hope that it’s priced in the CRB range, which would depend on if there’s a bra built in or not. I would presume not, seeing that it’s advertised to be a layer over a Ta-Ta Tamer. We shall seeeeeee!

As for the skirt, it could be cute if the waistband wasn’t advertising lulu so hard. I clearly love the brand enough to blog about it, but the waistband stops the buck for me to try and wear this piece as part of a dressier ensemble.


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