5 Faves & a Dudlululemon
I obviously love being cold.

Happy 7:00p EST on Tuesday! This week’s upload seems to be heavy on the Sea Me Run line. I hear in other parts of the country south of the Mason-Dixon line that the temperatures are beginning to rise. I was still digging my car out of 3 inches of snow to get to my local Lulu’s WMTM sale on Saturday morning.

As illustrated by the photo to the right, I’m still bundled up in Vinyasa Scarves and the Rain or Shine Jacket ($109 sale rack find!) hiding out from Mother Nature’s bad mood.

LINK: See the full lineup on lululemon.com here.

Anyhow, nothing this week is really jumping out at me! Perhaps the upload was purposely kept with a muted selection, as lulu fans’ charge cards everywhere are still cooling off from this past weekend’s crazy sale.

Sea Me Run

I do have one hoodie from the 2014 Water Bound collection, so I can see the appeal. It’s nice to have a shirt that looks normal but feels and dries like a swimsuit, but seeing that I live in CT and not SoCal, my beach days are few and far between. Shoot, I’m sitting here excited that it’s going to break into the 50’s this week. GAH this snow needs to melt already!

As mentioned in my previous post… looks like Canada got a few jazzier items this week. Clear Mint CRB and Electric Coral FTBW Bra, here’s looking at you.. Shoppers north of the border, I envy you!

Did anyone snap anything up from this week’s selection? I’ll be sitting this one out.

By ‘sitting this one out’ I mean… putting the Deep Navy CRB in my shopping cart and letting it sit for a while until it sells out or the shopper’s impulse takes over again!

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