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#SeaKatyWheeze: The Road (Air?) to Vancouver

8 days seems like such an incredibly long, yet incredibly short time since I hopped that plane out of Vancouver. Now that I've gone on a little bit of a vacation, done my laundry, attempted to catch up at work and can't watch the closing ceremonies due to the fact that I have rabbit ears… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: The Road (Air?) to Vancouver

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Countdown to Seawheeze 2016: Registration OMG

It's Donut Wednesday. In addition to a donut, I decided to get my coffee with cream & sugar today, which is a HUGE rarity. Long story short, I had a serious sugar rush going on. Being on the east coast, Seawheeze registration didn't open until 1:00p, and I had nothing shorts of ants in my… Continue reading Countdown to Seawheeze 2016: Registration OMG

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Scope Some of 2015’s Seawheezery

Seawheeze weekend is almost here! For those of you who aren't in the know, Seawheeze is Lulu's very own Vancouver-based half marathon that sells out within minutes each year. A pretty hot ticket, which includes exclusive product, bragging rights and of course, the opportunity to torture yourself by running 13.1 miles. Things have a history… Continue reading Scope Some of 2015’s Seawheezery