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#SeaKatyWheeze: The Road (Air?) to Vancouver

8 days seems like such an incredibly long, yet incredibly short time since I hopped that plane out of Vancouver. Now that I've gone on a little bit of a vacation, done my laundry, attempted to catch up at work and can't watch the closing ceremonies due to the fact that I have rabbit ears… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: The Road (Air?) to Vancouver

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Guess Who’s Going to the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit games first caught my attention in 2012. Commercials featuring Iceland Annie in the latest Reebok kicks were running on tv for months prior, and I was curious what this CrossFit thing was all about. Having first learned about CrossFit in 2011, I remained intimidated by its intensity, despite having been a D1 athlete in college. I went along my… Continue reading Guess Who’s Going to the CrossFit Games?