Sneak Peek: Blissfeel New Releases & First Look at Chargefeel Shoe Colors


Just sitting here in the middle of an airport, drinking my morning coffee, and maniacally sifting through lululemon’s latest upload to see if I can spot more colors we can expect in upcoming footwear releases. What a totally normal thing to do, amirite?

New Blissfeel Running Shoe Colors: ETA June 2022

I was told we could expect 5 new Blissfeel Running Shoe colors in June, and now we’ve laid eyes on 4/5. I’m wondering what the 5th could be? Something dark, or will colors like those wait until the fall?

Color Preview: lululemon Chargefeel Low Workout Shoe

My last sneak peek post only showed the white version of the Chargefeel Low, and now we are finally seeing some colors seep into stock photos.

In the photo below from the huge launch event lululemon hosted back in March, there are also deep purple and what’s looking like a muted teal option on display. I’m most excited for the purple, yet I am loving the magenta too.

For any of you who follow my running-themed chaos on TikTok, you’ll know that I’ve been going overboard on running shoes in an effort to mitigate my shin issues before it’s time to begin training for the NYC Marathon. Perhaps a pair of trainers would be nice to get my behind back into the gym to do a little strength work. With the Peloton and running habit, I literally have not set foot in an actual gym in 6 months. What?!

Anything I need to tell myself to justify more lululemon. 😇

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  1. I am a shoe fanatic so I really dodged a bullet when Lululemon decided not to make these in womens size 12. I’m hoping the mens line next year has pretty colors!

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