5 Faves & a Dud: 3/24/20 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

How’s everyone coping with their respective new ‘normal’ thanks to COVID-19? I am in far better spirits than I was 7 days ago. Between the initial shock of how quickly the world went sideways and just being plain old hormonal (hey once a month it happens), I went off the rails. Now, I’m just going stir crazy and finding new ways to keep myself engaged in my environment, keeping informed, but not so glued to the news media that it interferes with my quality of life.

It was tough to focus on my day job last week, but toward the end of the week and now into this week, things have begun to normalize. The less pressure I’m putting on myself that I MUST BE PRODUCTIVE for 8 straight hours, the more it’s actually happening. I’m used to traveling. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been home for a month. But, it is what it is. I’m not the only one this is happening to. I don’t have to like it, but I do have to live with it, so I may as well go back to finding amusement in the otherwise mundane.

Therefore… on my 12th day of isolation/quarantine/social distancing, this morning I had a Fluffy unicorn poking out of my Scuba for half of a FaceTime call with my team, and nobody batted an eyelash. By 3pm, I had dug out my old sneaker slippers from college and walked around my condo giggling at myself out loud for a solid 10 minutes. So yeah, you could say things are going as well as they can be, given the circumstance.

The days of the week are starting to blend together – had to pause in the shower today and seriously ponder if it was Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. It’s Tuesday, and that means new lululemon!

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/24/20 Edition

Favorite #1: Run Tall Long Sleeve ($68) in Wild Bluebell

Curious to see how a Nulux run top works, given that I am living in Swiftly Tech everything as my standard WFH and run wardrobe as we wait for the warmer temperatures to roll in.

I see you, gimmicky GPS watch window. I see you, I like you, I’m adding to cart.

Favorite #2: Sculpt Tank ($58) in Incognito Camo Multi Gator Green

We have seen tons of camo over the course of the last year, but I don’t think I ever anticipated one of my sleeper favorites to pop up in one of my favorite patterns. Again, adding to cart.

Favorite #3: Align Super High Rise Tight 28″ ($118) in Diamond Dye Pitch Grey Graphite Grey

After trying on Diamond Dye in Tampa last month, my interest has been piqued. The dyed pattern (which is fully dyed, not printed, BTW) is a nice textured add to an otherwise basic piece that the vast majority of us have probably been living in with all of our bonus time at home in recent weeks.

If the aesthetic weren’t so similar to my incognito camo multi grey Aligns, I’d have pulled the trigger on these by now.

Favorite #4: Mist Over Windbreaker ($118) in Calypso Pink

Who would I be to say no to a nice deep Barbie pink? Foolish.

Favorite #5: Hit the Floor Short Sleeve ($68) in Chianti

While I like the overall look on the website, I’m picturing this one tucked into my favorite Madewell shorts and sandals.

Now that I’ve stuck my snowboard in the closet, bring on the warm weather that allows for cute little keyhole tanks and tees.

The Dud: All Yours Boyfriend Box Tee ($58) in Soft Sand

Ok so how about no? We’re all in agreement? Nice.

From the Isolation Chamber

  • I’ll admit to having watched the first two episodes of the Goop Lab on Netflix. Sometimes the algorithm’s top choice leads me to unexpected greatness like Schitt’s Creek. Other times it leads me to a series that makes me think in the next few episodes I will see someone sporting either the Seek Softness Long Sleeve or Seek Softness Mid Rise Crop. (Oh, the 2006 flashback to gauchos at the club.)
  • ICYMI on Lunar New Year and the dark chrome details aren’t your look, the Dark Red Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece now comes with gold hardware.
  • I have no practical place to wear the Daily Lineup Tank aside from quarantine in July, so I have no business ordering one. Then again…
  • Can anyone elaborate on what exactly “engineer print” means with these Align Pants? Is that code for ‘the model looks phenomenal in these’?
  • The Clear Intention Belt Bag has me wondering… at what point do we stop calling it a belt bag and admit it’s a SHOULDER BAG? They just keep getting bigger.
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  1. I used to design active wear; an engineered print means that the print is specially oriented to flatter the curvature of the body and rather than being printed on a roll of fabric and cut into the pattern pieces the print is printed directly onto an already cut pattern template. It means that the print will be exactly alike on every pair. I hope that was not confusing. I am not so articulate ha ha!

  2. The nulux long sleeve is only $68?? That seems like a typo but I went back and checked, and yup it’s $68. Aren’t they normally like $98-$118 for LS tops?

    The model wearing those engineered aligns has the perfect butt. Just saying. They should model all pants on her!

    Oh, and I ordered the wild bluebell love crew, and I have to say I don’t love the color in the cotton fabric (gasp!!). The color prob looks great in a technical fabric, but it’s kinda a miss for me in cotton. I’m keeping the receipt so I can return once the stores open back up. Which brings me to the question, will they extend the return window due to store closures? 🤔

    1. You’re not the only one that did a double take on the price point. Can’t help but wonder if we will see a dip in ‘full price’ offerings as people become a little more conservative with their spending?

      I plan on buying the camo Sculpt for sure, but I’m not exactly racing to buy new items I don’t need when faced with a FULL closet of WFH/athleisure on the daily.

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