WMTM Alert: Boxing Day Updates (and They’re GOOD)

lululemonWMTM Alert

Some of this I missed yesterday, but some new colors have been added into the mix since my last post and they are GOOD. I’d argue these sneaky updates to lululemon’s We Made Too Much are even better than the original upload on Christmas morning. Because I’m in an excited frenzy, the only category for this post is “stuff I’m excited about.”

WMTM Alert: 12/27/19 Edition

The red Winter Warrior Bomber. Do I give in? Do I not? Eeeeeep! 😍


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  1. I peeked but didn’t get anything…else. Your girl needs to calm down over here.

    On another note, did you notice the GORG Polar Lights Blue Multi F&F Crops that quietly uploaded? The AU site also has an Invigorate Bra, High-Rise Speed Ups, 25″ F&Fs, and F&F Shorts. My fingers are crossed we get the same. I assume they are printed on white, but I still LOVE. I’m also still hoping Cosmic Shift Starlight Multi from the HK site will make an appearance.

    1. I did, and just punted the red Winter Warrior out of my cart for them! Just pulled the trigger on those, the Laguna FTBW and the mini Crossbody. I’ve been waiting for that one to get marked down for AGES. Seeing the colors but not the black on WMTM was a total tease.

    2. Omg I want those polar speeds to bad too. They’ve been in aus for a few weeks now so I’m losing hope 🙁 they got cosmic speeds too. Jelly

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