5 Duds & a Fave: You Read That Right (OBTW SeaWheeze Info Too)

5 Faves & a Dud


PSA: It is my duty as a lululemon blogger to remind you that the SeaWheeze Registration opens today! Sort of. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Registration is again into a non-binding lottery
  • The registration window that opened today is for GROUPS ONLY. It will remain open until 10:00a PT on 2/19
  • Only 30% of the field will be filled with groups
  • If you enter the group lottery and aren’t selected, you MAY NOT enter the individual lottery the week following. It’s all or nobody.
  • Individual lottery registration window opens on 2/20
  • If you already know you can’t run but are thinking of entering only for the shorts to add to your collection, the usual Trackers and Speeds are NOT the shorts options this year. You get Hotty Hot 2″ , or Hotty Hot 4″

Now, it’s on to the usual clothing that I’m a day late and a fave short on thanks to snow, ice, and sticking my face so far into a vacation planning spreadsheet (I’m really good with Excel, mmmkay) that last night it was 10:30p before I knew it. Whoops.

Usually upload is a happy pile of heart-eyed emojis (irrelevant to the upcoming holiday) with one or two outstanding UGH’s in there. Scrolling through this week, I found myself facepalming a lot more than usual.

So, you know what? LET’S THROW FOUR YEARS OF CONVENTION TO THE WIND AND MIX IT UP THIS WEEK. (Do not, however, go for a run and spit into the wind. It will not end well for you. I do not say this because it did not happen to me on a windy run this weekend.)

5 Duds & a Fave: Yup I’m Serious About This

I mean. Look at this collage. It makes a turkey sandwich on Wonder Bread with American cheese on it look spicy. Side note: do Canadians eat American cheese, or do you all consider it bland AF and let us weirdos south of the border keep it for ourselves?

From top, L-R:

  • Chill On Pullover ($118) in quicksand – Anyone have a faded oversize sweatshirt in their closet from 1993? Same look but it costs $118 less. Go with that option.
  • On The Fly Pant Wide Leg Woven ($118) in frontier – These are the pants they made you wear at your job working the roller coaster at your local amusement park. I have friends who did that and did not enjoy the pants. I was a lifeguard for a Vitamin D fueled reason.
  • Street To Studio Pant II Unlined ($98) in dark chrome – for when those other wacky khakis are in the wash.
  • Hello Sunday Crop ($98) in heathered steam blue – If this is what Sunday says hello in, I can’t believe I’m about to say this…  go home Sunday, you’re drunk. BRING ON MONDAY.
  • Go Getter Bag Heatproof Pocket ($148) in washed marble alpine white silverscreen/silverscreen – no thank you, next.

The Fave <3

All Tied Up Tank ($44) in Modern Stripe Heathered Black White

If I could walk away with only ONE piece from this weeks batch of news, this tank would be it. Can’t go wrong with a classic horizontal stripe, and once you tie it up in the back, the change in directions give this tank the perfect amount of dimension without being too busy.

If I were going on some tropical warm vacation, I’d snap this up in advance of said trip in a heartbeat. But I’m not. I’m going to…


All stock images courtesy of lululemon athletica

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  1. Lululemon’s uploads for 2019 have been pretty uninteresting to me. Since there hasn’t been anything new that I love, I have picked up a few items on WMTM (Toasty Tech Tights….which are still available and a pair of Aligns).
    I have also picked up a few basic colors in the “In movement” tight. I am new to the Everlux fabric and love how they feel and how well they hide sweat. I feel like I’m cheating on my Fast and Frees but a girl needs options.

    1. I feel like upload had some bright spots for me early on in the year, but thankfully for ($$$ sake) has chilled out a bit in recent weeks.

      I’m with you on the everlux train. Ever since I picked up those everlux To the Beat Tights a few weeks back, I’ve been loving them. Box jumps, rowing, squat cleans… they’ve been through all of it and I’ve never had to stop and think twice about my outfit.

      I absolutely love my Fast & Free Crops for running, but I find that the 7/8 length slide down on me during some workouts and need the occasional hike & shimmy.

  2. I’m really tempted by that tied up tank! It would look so cute with a bright pair of shorts this summer. If they had dark red Run Times, I’d snap them both up!!

    I agree that everything else in this upload fugly. I’m mildly interested in the aloe sweater from last week, but I can wait for MD on that. Nothing else is really memorable at the moment.

    1. Same! If I “accidentally” trip and fall into the mall this afternoon… it’s likely I’ll be grabbing the striped tank 🙂

      Dark Red is GORGEOUS… Still kinda wanna go back and get the red SoulCycle Bra too.

      1. You are a genius! Because you know would make that striped tied up tank more amazing? A cute red bra peeking out underneath! Hmmm…I may need to go to the mall tomorrow.

        It’s so rare Lulu does a pretty red. Their usual reds always come out orangey.

      2. Dark Red Run Times in today’s upload! Whoo!!! I *had* to get them with the tied up tank. I’m ready for the first warm day…come on Spring!

  3. I’m not a seawheeze runner, but I like the idea of switching out those awful speed ups for hottys. Why are they still making the ups anyway??? Go back to OG speeds!!

    I’d like to try the street to studio pant, but dark chrome is a terrible color. Maybe they’ll restock black or dark olive, colors that actually look good on people.

    1. I wish for the Speed Ups to be gone too. I’ve only purchased one pair since the OG Speeds were done away with. The SeaWheeze pair from last year is a bit cheeky, but the double layered fabric gives them some nice weight.

      The flamenco red pair I have? Bulges out on the sides, and makes me look like I’ve gaine 10lbs in the hips the second I put them on. I only ordered them for the color. Haven’t bought a new pair of lulu shorts since.

      1. I’m on the speed ups be gone train too! I’ve added 5-6 pairs from ebay/poshmark from years past to my wardrobe. The fit is all wrong with the bulges and the bizarro pocket that never ends around the waist band I like to stash stuff but don’t want it making its way around my middle when i run. I think the most telling sign for me of 2019 is the models look awful in alot of this stuff too. If they can’t make it look good then how the heck can I? I’ve bought 2 pairs of the hotty hots in 2.5″ – they’re nice but not as flattering as the original speeds.

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