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Everyone loves fall and falling back for that extra hour of sleep… until you realize your body’s keeping you up an hour later and you still can’t get up in the morning. Just me? This morning acted like such a Monday, it was borderline unbelievable. I didn’t hear my first alarm, shut my second off and crashed until I woke up 3 minutes after I should have been in the office. I then proceeded to come *thisclose* to booking myself a round trip plane ticket FROM Nebraska to home instead of you know, starting from home.

If that all wasn’t enough, I feel like I may be getting sick and ALL THE DAYLIGHT IS GONE AFTER WORK, so now if I want to run outdoors I either need to do it in the morning… or wear a shiny sparkly reflective outfit to make myself as visible as possible. Suddenly, all that coin I dropped on the reflective SeaWheeze gear doesn’t seem all that impractical.

Sea Katy wheeze? See Katy run. Literally.

So, if you’re in the same boat as I am, annoyed AF that it’s now dark out when you leave the office in the afternoon, this week’s picks are for you!

5 Faves & a Dud: This Week’s Sparkly Favorites

Daylight savings yes… wallet savings, maybe. Some of these pieces are actually on sale!

Clockwise from top left:

(Red text =sale prices advertised at the time this post was written, don’t know how long they will last)

FWIW, Oiselle has a bunch more reflective gear on their website, including tights, singlets and sports bras in their Spark in the Dark section. I don’t own any Oiselle product so I can’t speak to fit/quality, but the bench looks deep.


It’s the first Tuesday of November in the good ol’ US of A and yeah I’m going there for a short minute. I’ve always liked this headline I saw in my local paper a few years ago that said “you can’t bitch if you don’t vote”.

Excuse: But all the candidates are stupid.
I have friends who refuse to vote because they think that all politicians are idiots. While it’s a free country in which you can opt not to show up just as much as you can opt TO… someone’s going to win despite the fact that you didn’t show up. So show up.

Excuse: I don’t feel educated enough to weigh in
If you haven’t had the chance to read enough news to feel confident in your choices, head to ISideWith.com and instead of taking a mindless internet quiz of “Which Spice Girl Are You” (you know who you are), take a quick quiz on your stance on hot button issues. ISW will spit out a personalized guide of local candidates that shows how closely they align with your values. Boom, done. 5 minutes and you’ve got some advice. So show up.

Excuse: One vote doesn’t make a difference
There’s no such thing as a megavote. Results are the tallies of many single votes. Everyone’s counts, every one counts. So show up.

If you’re on the fence about if you should even bother and see this post before the polls close tonight, I urge you head on over and speak for yourself. Don’t let everybody else do it for you. Voting is the ultimate adulting move. Plus, they’ve got stickers.


  1. I find it so crazy that lulu charges $200-$300 for a pair of reflective tights, when Oiselle charges $100. I’ve never had Oiselle, but girls in one of the FB lulu groups I’m in love the brand. I’m sure lulu’s version are nicer, but at a price difference of $100-$200 more? I think it’s crazy.

    PS I voted!

  2. I have the Oiselle Firecracker tight in the Saturday color and love them. They definitely make you visible and are almost full length for my 5’3″ self. I’ve been diehard Lulu for a long time, but I’ve started to add more and more Oiselle to my closet.

  3. I did a big order of Oiselle reflective that I *might* have tomorrow. I got the arm warmers and headband and a few other things. I’m debating the crops. Maybe if they have a black Friday sale.

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