5 Faves & a Dud: 3/20/18 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Reason #432 that it’s probably good I’m not a parent: the time of year has come when Cadbury Mini Eggs and Starburst Jellybeans assume the role of ‘food groups’ in my diet, and I’d be really bad at leading by example.

Being the first day of spring and all, one should be excited about warm temperatures in the future. Except for the northeast. Whatever warmth is en route to us seems to have stalled out on the side of the road, and is waiting for a tow that won’t arrive until Memorial Day weekend at this rate. Spring is here and my local forecast is calling for 6-12″ of snow tomorrow. Bollocks.

This week’s upload is going to focus on lululemon,  because after cruising tonight’s upload there are actually a few pieces that I can work with. Last week I still had my Athleta goggles on. Tonight? Swimsuits and lulu goggles.

5 Faves & a Dud – 3/20/18 Edition

Favorite #1: Coastline Paddle Suit ($128)

This one is extremely close to last year’s Wild Abandon One Piece in design, with the same perforation, waist detail and front zip.  Main difference is sleeves, versus nope. I fcking LOVE the Wild Abandon, and wish I had an excuse worth $128 to own this piece, aside from saying “it makes me feel like a Bond Girl”. Then again…

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech LS ($78) in dark forest

Hey look, dark forest in the actual forest! I happened to post a throwback of the dark forest Swiftly a few days ago, I must be psychic about its re-release tonight, right? I better go buy a lotto ticket.

While I’ve not understood the choice to include this fall-ish color in the spring time for the second year in a row, I’ve been happy to have this shade in my casual wardrobe for the last year.

Favorite #3: Coastline One Piece ($118) in red orange

Probably not the most supportive up top, but who cares. This is the suit that you throw on with a white linen caftan, some sort of straw hat and big ol’ celebrigoggles poolside or on the beach. If you’re going to go full basic and do your next tropical vacation for the ‘gram, you probably need this.

Favorite #4: Baller Hat Breeze ($38) in midnight navy


I am STILL rehashing the day my stripe spacer Baller Hat went missing on a random plane somewhere between CT, ATL & RDU… wondering where, when and how Hattie detached himself from my backpack and went on his own adventure. I LOVED that hat for its texture, and I haven’t found I love as much for a replacement yet. If this one drops in black, it will be mine in a matter of SECONDS. *fingers crossed*

Favorite #5: Speed Up Short ($58) in dragonfly

This green makes me all sorts of happy.

The Dud: Mix & Mesh Short Sleeve Tee ($68) in quicksand

This millennial pink trend has got to be the worst color choice of all time for someone with a complexion and hair color like mine. The. WORST. Quicksand is apparently the word lululemon’s using for it in this particular instance.

There’s a bit much shirt going on when you leave it untied, but as soon as I knotted the tails in the back, it just got a little strange looking in the front. I’m wearing a TTS 8 in these photos. I wanted to like it, I really did. I quite enjoy light luxtreme tops & tanks. I tried, I swear, but NOPE.

All in All…

We’ve got some bright spots in the lineup this week. Thankfully some blues & greens sre starting to move out some of the pastels that we saw in the last month, so I’m hopeful for some more in yo face brights to be showing up in coming weeks. Homegirl needs (ok I don’t need any new gym gear at all) some more bright ‘I can see you out running at dusk’ gear to get the 2018 SeaWheeze training season underway.

…and that hat in black. PLEASE LULU MAKE THAT HAT IN BLACK!!!


  1. I have a similar hair color and complexion and just can not do these dusty rose and blush shades of pink. Give me all of your Barbie colors, thank you.

  2. I have pale skin and brown hair and the dusty colors look like muck on me – crossing fingers that Dragonfly shows up in an energy bra or swiftly tank. Saving lots of $ while this murky color palette plays out

  3. I’m in the same boat re dusty roses, as much as I do love those types of colors, I wonder who does look good in them?? I did buy the so merlot aligns and they look really good with a Grey top, but I tried the colour close to my face and it wasn’t great.

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