5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 10/17/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

5FD, airport edition here! Ended up skipping town on business last-minute on Tuesday, so call me Heinz. Time to play ketchup. 

First of all, thank you all for your positive  feedback on last week’s lemon-free picks! It made my night to hear that you ladies are on board with seeing some brand variety in future posts. That said, I’m thinking about switching the schedule to alternating weeks between lulu and not lulu. Last week? No lulu. This week? Lemons.

5 Faves & a Dud – Lululemon’s 10/17/17 Upload

Favorite #1: APL TechLoom Phantom ($165) in fire coral 

Since my last lulu post, the lululemon+APL footwear collab has been added to online sales. I saw them first in Vancouver on Robson Street, and thought the shoes could be cute. But, there was no exchange rate discount to entice me to try a pair out. Retailing for $165 USD, I recall Canadian MSRP in store to be over $200 CAD. ‘Discount’ nullified = No sale for me. Plus, I wouldn’t have had room in my suitcase.  These are also available in glow in the dark and muted pastels, which are kind of (sort of) fun(-ish).

However, if I’m going to do a 100% color on these, I’d be looking to buy direct from APL in either a fire engine red (sold out in my size, boooo) or lemon yellow.
Note: while lululemon is now selling these shoes, the Phantom TechLooms are not exclusives, nor do they include any lululemon branding in the design.

Favorite #2: Run On Jogger ($108) in ringspun denim black white 

I’m trying to convince myself these would be a (very loose but somewhat acceptable) interpretation of ‘dress pants’.

You could stroll off a plane and directly to a meeting in these, right? RIGHT?

Favorite #3: Invigorate Tight *Shine Bright ($198) in reflective polka dot silver/black

A round of applause for the fact that they’re $100 cheaper than previously-released reflective run tights. A $300 price tag is what causes me to wait a year and a half until they go on sale before I buy them. 

Granted, $200 is no bargain and I won’t be buying the latest version, I still get giddy over shiny things. 

Favorite #4: Extra Mile Tight *Reflective ($128) in black

Speaking of shiny things, these. I hear racing stripes make you run faster. If you take off your glasses and squint, you can convince yourself the dots are Swarovski crystals, or metal studs. Your imagination, your choice. 

Favorite #5: Align Pant ($98) in luminescence splatter ice grey black

Has anyone tried on printed Aligns yet? They probably turn white when you bend. Still, I don’t hate the look if you can manage to remain perfectly upright the entire time you’re wearing them. So yeah. Activewear you can’t be active in. Cute though. 

The Dud: Cut Above Hoodie *Expression ($108)

Lululemon’s designs are usually a little like Fight Club. A big reason why I like lululemon is that it doesn’t say LULULEMON in obnoxious scrawl on all of their pieces, unlike items from more traditional activewear brands like Nike/UA, with logos plastered all over. 

It’s like a little club. If you know lululemon, you know what it is without the in-your-face reminder. Quiet down, hoodie. If you want a noisily-branded piece, head to PINK.
In Conclusion…

All in all, I like the shoes best and they’re not even lululemon. I need new sneakers like I need new lululemon (I don’t). But, but… colorful!


    1. Right? At least I can proudly look back and say that when my high school track team decided to get sweatpants with writing on the backside on year, I was one of the few defectors on the team who opted to get pants WITHOUT the scrawl. NOTHX.

  1. If you want a great pair of colorful, comfortable, and stylish sneaks, check out All Birds. I have a charcoal gray pair, and I LOVE THEM. I still wear socks most of the time with them, but you can actually go without and they feel great. Wash super easy too.

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