5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 5/23/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

For starters, I’d like an order of mozzarella sticks.

Huh, what? Just kidding.

For starters on this post, I apologize for having gone blog silent in the last week and a half. Sometimes, you work a neat and tidy 40-hour week and don’t go anywhere but your kitchen, the gym and your couch. Since last Monday, I’ve changed zip codes 15 times and have spent far more hours in planes and automobiles than anyone can without losing their sanity.

So… yeah. That. This week’s picks are based on a mix of last week and this week’s What’s New page, because I had about 37 seconds to check last week’s upload during intermission at a concert in Brooklyn, before my compadre came back from the bar with our drinks and called me out on it. Caught.

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/23/17 Upload

When lulu’s stock nosedived, they apologized and swiftly released some bright fun colors the following week. (Dude, I just capitalized the word ‘swiftly’ out of habit.) Seems like that was a flash in the pan fix, as the black, white and muted are still around.

Favorite #1: Pack Light 1/2 Zip Pullover ($118) in midnight navy

Gauzy texture, and it squooshes into a teeny weeny backpack. I don’t hate it.

Favorite #2: Final Lap Tank ($68) in pop orange

As much as I love my CRBs to the moon and back, I have been reaching for my luxtreme tanks increasingly more often. They wick sweat away and feel cooler than said light luon CRBs. Therefore, Katy likey. Plus, the pocket in the back is a great bounce-free place to stash your phone during a run in case running belts aren’t your thing.

Favorite #3: Fast & Free Crop II ($118) in soundwave alpine white black

I have been ALL ABOUT my Fast & Free Crops since picking up a pair about 4 weeks ago. They’re the first pair of crops I grab from a fresh pile of laundry… every single time. They don’t move, the compression factor is just right. Whether it’s CrossFit or a long run, nulux has a big fan in me.

Saw these in Portland last week, and I asked the ed what the difference between the F&F Crop I and II is, and she said that all they could tell was that the reflective dots changed on the leg trim. No sales tax in Portland. No idea why I didn’t snag them right then and there. Sometimes I do lame things.

Favorite #4: Jericho V ($48) in dark olive

I’m picturing this tee tucked into skinny jeans with cute ankle boots. Now I want to buy this super soft pima cotton tee, and tuck it into skinnies with my favorite ankle boots.

Favorite #5: Uncovered Long Sleeve ($64) in white

This isn’t the first (and won’t be the last) of the cropped long sleeve shirts lululemon’s been offering lately, but this one I am liking more than most. It’s cut a bit slimmer, so that you don’t lose all your shape like you may with one of the boxier styles, but at the same time it’s not skin tight. Perfect for a *slightly* chilly summer night.

The Dud: Speed Short ($58) in mash up white black/black

Here’s the deal. The shorts themselves aren’t that bad. They’re actually pretty cute, despite how much they remind me of last summer’s mini obscurred black dusty mauve / black. But what do they really look like? This year’s Seawheeze runners’ shorts.


Above: 2017’s exclusive SW print. Below: mash up white black/black.

WHAT IS THE POINT of releasing an ‘exclusive’ print to runners if you’re going to release it’s non eyeball & floating mouth doppelganger to the public a mere 2 weeks after the special shorts are delivered?! Not amused.

Am I overreacting?


  1. Glad you’re back – i used to travel 100% of my work week so understand the challenges. I also figured there wasn’t anything you could even come up with as a 5 favorites so you’d take a week off 🙂 I am mystified and at his point hopeless that this company will ever come back to what I liked about their prints and colors. Muted forest green palette and long pants scream fall but even if it were fall the move to luxtreme and nu-lux for Wunder Unders is a no go for me. Way too slippery for my taste. On the plus side I’m out exploring new brands and finding a few treasures.

    1. Finding 5 in the 2min I had to scan upload last week was a little tough, you are right! The fall color palette is why I initially held out on the dark forest Swiftly, but I figured I eventually would wear it all the time this fall, so I bit.

      I’m liking nulux for working out, but you are right, it’s got a smidge too much sheen to repurpose into a casual outfit.

  2. How about the speeds being a dud because it’s another black and white print! I have a few b/w speed shorts from yesteryear, but omg enough already lulu of the b/w prints. Any of these could be a combo of pretty colors, but b/w is the choice. Rant over, sorry.

    On a lighter note, the final lap crops are to die for. Nulux and a slightly longer length than the F&F crops make these so hard to resist. I’m just trying to figure out if I want navy or black (the green is not my thing).

    1. Also, that. When I saw the WUP in that print I wanted to throw my phone against the wall. I seriously want the design team at lululemon to come forward and explain themselves and EVERY black & white print they’ve released in the last year. It’s ridiculous.

      Are they trying to save money on colored dye by NOT using it at all anymore?

  3. I don’t think you are overreacting. I’d be totally bummed to see identical shorts on the site if I was doing SW. Supposed to be something special and unique for those runners!

    1. I’ve had the F&F crop for about 5 weeks now, wearing them 1-2x a week and so far so good.

      I’m gravitating toward nulux lately. Luxtreme slips around until you break a sweat, and is a bit thicker than nulux.

      When I went to snag those black grape Pace Rivals last month, I actually left them behind in the store because I disliked the luxtreme feel THAT MUCH in comparison to the Fast & Free Tights I also tried on that day.

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