5 Faves & a Dud: 3/28/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Big happenings today at the box today. I got the kip in my toes-to-bar back! Given the core and grip strength required to more than a dead hang TTB at a painfully snail-ish pace, my kipping T2B are usually some of the last things to come back after I work my way away from being out of shape for the reason du jour. That said, even though I got beat by umpteen other ladies on the whiteboard today, I’m still pretty stoked. Small sets now, bigger sets on down the road.

I’ve got to thank heavy back squat day 2 weeks ago; I was able to hit 5lbs shy of my PR, which has done wonders to help get me some of my CrossFit mojo back. Coming back and being so far off of my lifetime PRs, struggling to cycle the barbell on weights that used to feel like marshmallows, it can do a number on a girl’s psyche.

CrossFit? I’m feeling on the up and up. Running? Hehehehe…. about that. We had four 200m runs in yesterday’s WOD and it didn’t feel the greatest. It’s going to a long ass road to Vancouver, and not just because I live on the east coast. #SeaKatyWheeze

I just thought a fun gimmick. Try and run the road to Vancouver as training for Seawheeze. Not literally, but log enough miles to equal the distance from my front door to the SW start line. Then I did the math. 3075 miles in 137 days. That’s 22+ miles a day, every day for 4+ months. No thanks.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/28/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Fast & Free 7/8 Tight ($128) in thrive viridian green black

When the ads for nulux call it buttery soft, it’s only a partial lie. Does nulux feel amazing? Yes, but when you grab a stick of butter, it feels like grease, not yoga pants. So, I find it somewhat perplexing that some fabrics are referred to as ‘buttery’. Heh.

Favorite #2: Free to Be Serene Bra ($52) in black

I know people have been spying on this one from overseas, and it’s here! This bra is a fix to the only reason I don’t like the Free to Be Tranquil… the bottom band was too thin, which in turn meant support was minimal.

The Serene features a thicker band like the Energy Bra, so I’m hopeful that this one makes a splash, does its job and stays around for a while. Available to US customers in 5 colors: black, white, heathered black, ruby red & henna/black (meh)

Favorite #3: Speed Short ($58) in marvel

I’m not sure which I want more, the shorts or quads/legs like the model in the stock photo. Both. I would like both, please.

Favorite #4: More Than Modal Crew ($88) in white/black

It’s baseball-shirty. I’m a sucker for almost anything baseball shirty. Speaking of baseball, today I discovered that Montgomery, AL has a minor league team named the Montgomery Biscuits, and they have a buttered biscuit mascot named Monty. I kid you not.

I can’t make this up.

Favorite #5: Fast & Free Bra ($68) in jet stream

I’ll admit I had a little trouble picking out #5. In fact, a $12 Monty Biscuit toy was in the running. Anyhow, this bra makes the cut for its thick straps. One thing I miss about the All Sport Bra is how damn comfortable its wide straps were. With its trendy high neck and pretty jeweled hue, I like. Plus, it’s nulux. While I’ve been too stingy lately to buy any nulux gear, I can’t help but love the feel of any nulux I’ve ever tried on.

The Dud: Glow on Hair Ties ($14)

Because we all have better things to funnel $14 toward than glorified ponytail holders with lululemon charms on then. Cute, yes. Necessary? Absolutely not. Great way to end up with an omega imprint on your skin, though.

Anything Else?

  • After 2+months without stepping foot in a store, I did me some damage at my local lululemon this weekend. Couldn’t just wade back into the water, could I. HAD to do an obnoxious cannonball. What did I get?
  • New season, new stock photos. They look like cosmetics ads in a fashion magazine. Yes, I get it, the women are pretty – but I want to see the clothes, not how talented her makeup artist is. Unsure how I feel about the warm brown background.
  • In case you’re eyeballing nulux CROPS with the warmer weather coming around the corner, the Fast & Free Crop 19″ is available in 4 colors. Black & midnight navy look to be wardrobe staple candidates for any regularly active woman’s wardrobe this spring. The more I look at them, the more I think I need to add them to *my* wardrobe. Pardon me while I hover over the ‘add to cart’ button.

Upload seems to be pretty light tonight, which is common for the last week of the month. Seeing that I actually spent my lulu budget for March, time to sit on my hands and not buy anything new until Saturday.

I won’t even buy a $12 Monty Biscuit plush mascot toy. I swear. BUT HE’S ADORABLE.

Monty Doll


  1. LOVE the Montgomery Biscuit team mascot. I’d root for that team based on the mascot alone! I haven’t bought lulu (current stock) in months but I’d get that cute mascot. Love the originality. As far as lulu is concerned I get depressed with the sea of black/grey/navy when I walk in. On the plus side I’ve saved enough money for a great vacation!

  2. Darn you – I think I might need to spend some money and get a Montgomery Biscuit ball cap! My brief search opened up a whole world of cute minor league ball caps…

  3. I oooh’d and aaaah’d over the speed shorts in Marvel tonight too. But dang crossfit has been making my quads and booty a little too popping lately, and I’m starting to feel a little self conscious in my current collection of speed shorts. The past 4-5 weeks of 3×20 set at 60% (or something similar to that scheme) is magic for leg gains. Or maybe it’s the dessert I’m partaking in a little too much. Either way, these Marvel speeds will be tried on in a few weeks after I clean up my diet a bit and this leg cycle is over.

    Also, the fast and free crops look good, but 19″ length is never too flattering on me. I dig the 21″ length. I heart nulux in a major way though.

    1. 20-rep squat cycles do wonders! We did one at my box 2 years ago and it helped me finally become comfortable dropping below depth with heavy weight on my back.

      With the blazer blue thing, I too am cautious about buying any more new Speeds without trying them on first >.<

  4. Yeah, you got the Go Lightly Shoulder Bag! I have been enjoying mine quite regularly. And I am now craving a biscuit with butter. 😛

    1. I still haven’t taken the tags off, but I figured I’d rather have it on hand as opposed to wish I’d gotten it before selling out!

      I’ve got a similar le sportsac bag that I’ve had for years, but it’s a crazy print. I don’t use it all that often, but when I do, it’s a life saver for day trips. 🙂

  5. Did you see the hydrangea blue in store? What were your thoughts?? I’m drooling over the CRBII, I know I know. I think I need that modal crew…. I’m hoping it will go to the WMTM.

    1. Light blue tones aren’t always nice to me in person unless I have a super dark tan, so I probably saw it in store and didn’t even pay proper attention to it. I like the color, but I know it won’t work on me.

      I too have fingers crossed for a price drop on the modal 🙂

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