5 Faves & a Dud: 1/3/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dud

Ugh, I just realized… I forgot to ring the PR bell at CrossFit tonight! It’s been so long since I PR’d pretty much anything, that I didn’t even know that said lift was a PR until I looked back in myWOD and saw that the my previous 1RM power snatch was recorded in January 2015.

I thought to myself, “oh, it’s been a year”… then I realized it’s 2017. It’s been two. Huzzah nonetheless! To celebrate, I got myself the #1 item on this week’s list.

(Who are we kidding, I was going to buy them anyway – I’m digging the strive multi black.)

5 Faves & a Dud: 1/3/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short ($58) in strive multi black

From far away, they look like space, or spray paint. Up close, crinkled blue iridescent cellophane. Either way, I’m sure these shorts are going to be a hit. I consider these the consolation prize for having hesitated on the rio nights multi Speeds from last spring.

lw7a19s_027848_4As for what the pattern really looks like? Creative suggestions in the comments section GO!

Favorite #2: Run it Out Tight ($98) in score jacquard black indian ocean

These just look like a flatteringly good idea. SCORE! (See what I did there?) The pattern gets more interesting when you give it a closer look, so don’t be freaked out if your gym bff or running partners get a bit too close when they’re admiring these for the first time.


Favorite #3: Game Day Top ($78) in cerulean blue

I have to admit I’m not exactly on board with the price tag, being $20-$30 higher than your typical sports bra. Willing to be that it’s because it’s made of aquelu, lulu’s proprietary swim fabric. Cerulean blue is simply gorgeous, and this bra seems to be the perfect marriage of the feminine front of the Free to Be line of bras with the slightly thicker band and cross-back straps of the Energy Bra. Want.

Here I am trying to reform and lulu jumpstarts January with more than a few items I want!

Favorite #4: Go With the Flow One Piece ($118) in cerulean blue/black

Having donned nothing but racerback speedo swimsuits all the way through middle and high school, the pendulum swung HARD in the opposite direction around college and I then wore nothing but two-piece swimsuits from there on out, even spending years as a lifeguard.

…until 2015, when lululemon came out with the Surf to Sand one piece. I found an odd one out in my size on sale at my local store after it had sold out pretty quickly online. While I don’t wear it all that often, it is so much flattering than I could have expected a one-piece swimsuit to be. This swimsuit is reminiscent of the Surf to Sand. Meaning, it should make your butt look nice.

Favorite #5: Go With the Flow Top ($68) in black

Even though it’s January, I still get excited whenever lululemon starts releasing their swim pieces for the year. In the past 2 years, my lululemon swimwear has held up quite nicely, so in case you haven’t given it a try yet, aquelu isn’t flimsy.

What appeals to me on these are the thin double straps and the neckline. They almost have a ballerina feel to them, and the mesh stripe and long length help lend a little extra coverage and support. The price tag will hold me back for now, but I’d be excited to grab this if it ever goes on sale.

The Dud: Work Out to Water Short ($68)

Ehhhhhhhhhh………….. pass.

Notables & Not-so-muchables

Eyelids are getting heavy and I still have to pack a suitcase. Check out the full lineup for yourself and let me know if you broke your ‘no lulu in January’ resolution already. Heh.


    1. I also loved that swiftly when I first saw it, but seeing the up-close pics turn me off. Maybe it’s prettier in person. I think I just love that turquoise color and should hunt down a swiftly in that shade.

  1. I’m also loving the Run It Out tight in that pattern. I have no need for them, but I can drool over them. And they’re a relative bargain at $98!!

  2. I have the Surf to Sand one piece from a few years ago, and I love it with one exception: the torso is extremely long. It generally fits fine at first, but once you’re wet, it ends up getting bunchy. However, I would totally concur – it is super flattering.

  3. Haha up close the speeds reminded me of the cellophane in the pre-assembled Easter baskets at cvs/Walgreens/Walmart that I drooled over when I was 7. Wondering if I should order or wait til I see them in person. I hope they look galactically cool IRL

  4. I bought the speeds in the strive multi and when they came in I new they were keepers. They go with so many colors. I’m considering ordering the Pace Rivals in the same print. The last pair of speeds that I purchased were the Rio Nights. We need more good fun prints.

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