WMTM Alert: FriYAY Update

lululemonWMTM Alert

Lululemon done gone and updated WMTM again today, a sneaky habit that’s been happening in recent months. In addition to yesterday’s CRB dump, here’s what we’ve got. Some familiar items that disappeared shortly after the Black Friday sale weekend are back (in case you thought you missed your chance), along with some others.

WMTM Alert – 12/30/16

  • Outrun 17″ Crop ($49) – new colors added: shatter weave dust coral plum/black, military green (10,12 only), cerulean blue has returned (8,10 only)
  • Locarno LS ($39) – yesterday there were 3 colors, this morning white only, and now we are up to 6 again. Try your luck, you may strike gold.
  • Deep Breath Crop 21″ ($69) – black & black cherry join its patterned friends
  • Cool Racerback ($29) – I thought iris flower died altogether, but now it’s showing available in a 2.
  • Work the Circuit Tank ($39) – this isn’t new today, but I did wear mine for the first time last night to CrossFit. Heads up, the bra inside runs small. Size up if you’re going to take the plunge on this one.
  • Run for Cold Vest ($69) – Sizes 6,8 you’re in luck if you like plum. Too bad they don’t have a 10!
  • Run for Cold Jacket ($99) – Darn it, I had an 8 in my cart this morning and now there are only 4’s left. My strategy of “hold out until it sells out” just saved me $100.
  • First Mile Half Zip ($79) – military green, 6 & 8 only
  • Circuit Breaker Skirt ($44) – deep fuschia. Not new, but I love my true red one! This is a great price for a great solid color, if you’re not too tall for a regular. I need tall.
  • Vinyasa Wrap ($29) – I like things that are cozy with double-digit price tags that start with a 2. I’m eyeballing running luon spray jacquard black cherry black/black.
  • Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Full-On Luon ($79) – Forage teal, I like thee. Just not sure where I would wear thee. Wait, size 4 only. Wallet safe.
  • Free to Be Bra ($39) – Super purple and I’m super bummed it’s available in 6 only.
  • Ready to Rulu Turtleneck ($69) – Not the most fashion forward, but I’ve got one and it’s great for days you plan to spend lots of winter time outside. Size 2 only.
  • Sunaway Runaway LS ($49) – Grapefruit 8’s are back for one last huzzah.
  • On the Run LS ($44) – Heathered black, size 8 only. I need a gray LS like I need a hole in my head, but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t considering this one.

‘Tis the season for multiple orders this week. Maybe I should just head to my local store and see what other discounted stuff I can find. Maybe I should keep the $ in my bank account. But hey, that’s what gift cards are for, amirite?


  1. I bought the Fast Tracks pants at the store on mark down the other day and have been living in them. They’re like a dressy sweat pant. My new go-to weekend pants, perfect for running errands. I didn’t got the store looking for them, but I tried them on and they were so comfy I had to buy them.

  2. On Sunday I ordered the Outrun Crop in weave dust coral plum/black, CRB in gator green & bordeaux drama, Run For Cold pullover, and the Runderland Ear Warmer. I got my order yesterday and the gator green CRB is SO SHINY. It looks nothing like the photos online, it looks like a total workout top, not a casual top, which was the goal. WHY LULU?? I hate that you never know what you’re getting even with the same item depending on the color the fabric changes. I’m so disappointed, and of course can’t return. :'(

      1. I actually chatted with Lulu and they’re letting me return the gator green since it’s not light luon as advertised, and they said they’re giving me a $25 gift card but I have yet to see that come through via email yet. But still, victory!

      2. I sent them a DM on Twitter expressing my displeasure. Earlier this year I bought something on WMTM and I was sent a similar color of the item I ordered, and not the exact color I ordered. I reached out to lulu then, too… they claimed they were going to make it right but then I never heard anything back. :/

        Fingers crossed on this CRB fiasco. Luxtreme just does not work for me. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I called gec today (for the first time!) and complained about the luxtreme naval blue crb. They will be issuing a refund and letting me send back the crb via mail. They seemed genuinely surprised when I let them know this has been happening to everybody!

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