5 Faves & a Dud: Seeing Red (In More Ways Than One)

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Welp, most of you lemonheads (I mean that endearingly btw) have probably already heard the rumors through other avenues, but if you haven’t… the CRB II has popped up in stores and my original beloved CRB is being relegated to ‘Online Only’ status… aka design death.

It’s the first Tuesday of the month (ok so it was when I began this post), and you know what that means – NEW STUFF WOO! However, with this beginning of a new month in lulu-land, HQ has done gone and jacked up the prices on their loyal Canadian shoppers to account for the disparity between the CAD and USD right now. That’s a dick move to pull, especially when you’re a CANADIAN company.

I’m as American as the pizza being delivered to my lazy ass in about 41 minutes, but I have to say that I am upset on behalf of all of the Canadian lulu lovers out there who just got the prices of their fave gear hiked, even though surely nobody got a raise at work this week to, you know, account for the disparity between the Canadian and American dollars.

Oh, and that also means that the ‘discount’ I planned on getting on lulu gear while in Vancouver next weekend now won’t be as steep. #whompwhomp

I wrote this intro before upload is even posted, so before my friend Emily came over with wine in hand, I waited with bated breath to see if these price hikes and the CRB assassination were accompanied by anything remarkable… or were those dottie tribe WUPs of a couple weeks ago just a flash in the pan? Come on lulu, you’ve been overdue to blow my skirt up. Make me blush like Marilyn Monroe!

For some incredibly well-thought-out commentary on the price hikes, check out Agent Athletica’s thoughts: Lululemon Prices Increase, Again.

Welp, no CRB II in the US, at least online. Check it all out here, or continue scrolling for my usually opinionated miniature rants & random raves.

NOTE: Prices listed below are in US Dollars.

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/2/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Fast as Light 2-in-1 Tank ($68) in true red

Color win. An actual red. Not flaming tomato (tiny orange twinge), not alarming (rather orangey in person), not cape red (which was practically Syracuse orange). An actual RED. If I have time to pop by a store to do some recon this weekend, I’ll try to see if/what the actual discrepancy between online OMG awesome and what the color looks like IRL.

Also, a 2-in-1 tends to mean that you can separate the tank from the bra inside. They don’t show how the bra looks on its own, which lulu usually does online. This makes me nervous. While it looks flattering, for the almost $70 (choke) price tag, I think this is a try before you buy type of thing, if you live close enough to a store for that luxury.

(I think that’s the first time I’ve used the term IRL in the way that the rest of the colloquial world knows it, “in real life”. After years of working motorsports, I still see that acronym and think Indy Racing League. 2 years removed from fast cars and I still can’t break the habit.)

Favorite #2: Circuit Breaker Skirt *Tall ($68) in true red

I tend to skim over the skirts in lulu’s inventory, mainly because I don’t own any. Nobody does CrossFit in a skirt. But for some reason, this one is catching my eye.

Because it’s “Tall”, does that mean that maybe I can get away with wearing this on the golf course? I’m always so paranoid to get my white golf skirt dirty, and quite frankly I’m not even sure if it fits right now. I’ve got a tournament I’m playing in for work on 9/1. Commence outfit anxiety.

Favorite #3: Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise) ($88) in Super Purple

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPER PANTS! Out go the royal blues of the summer, in come the royal purples of the fall. This color makes me happy. If only lululemon would come out with a CRB in this color… OH WAIT

Favorite #4: Vinyasa Wrap ($58) in black

At first I was all WTF why did you rename the Vinyasa Scarf for no reason and try to make it cost more? Then I scrolled and saw that there are slits involved that help you stay cozy but still have access to whatever digital diversion you’ve got going in your lap while you’re at 35,000 feet. This could be very useful for the business traveler in me.

Favorite #5: Don’t Sweat It Kit ($58) in dottie tribe white black

Trying not to be so cliche “OMG DOTTIE TRIBE”, but what the hell I like the print. While possibly irrelevant for some of you, the business traveler in me is has got her eye on this.

That stock photo reminds me that my Ray-Ban Wayfarers have gone missing. Sad face.

The Dud: Cruiser Cropped Long Sleeve ($68) in heathered medium grey

You know what’s funny… I almost put this in my Faves for the week. Until I realized that I do not have the body to pull this style off without throwing it over a tank. You know what? I can pull this tee off. I’m not THAT squishy and I like high-waisted pants. It’s not even the style that’s landed this top in the Dud spot.

It’s the fact that lululemon is still trying to charge FULL price for HALF a shirt. Really? Pants cost more than shorts because they use more than 2x as much fabric. Fail.

You know what’s the bigger fail? I kind of want this in black. But, you know, I am about to have my ceiling ripped out and am awaiting the insurance adjuster’s arrival to assess how much they will help cover the costs of said ongoing washing machine fiasco, so… let’s not buy some overpriced crop tops just yet until I know how much of my money is going towards keeping the homeowner ship afloat.

Slightly underwhelming for a beginning of the month upload. Did anyone snag anything they love? Comments/Concerns regarding the latest shakeups in lulu land? Discuss!


  1. I tried the CRBII on in store this weekend and I have to say I liked it a lot! However, I’m short, and have issues with the current versions (depending on the fabric) migrating down in the front, so if I wear one to work I’m constantly re-adjusting it to make sure the girls aren’t on full display, and the new design seems like it’ll stay put better. I also liked the narrower racerback (better for showing off those strappy bras) and shorter length (see reference to “I’m short” above). Not so much a fan of the higher $, though I can see there is more construction involved in the new design because of the revised edge banding. I’ll be interested to see what you think of it in person!

    1. I am interested to get my hands on one too! I’m 5’9″ with almost all of my height in my torso. For some reason my kayak CRB is a full inch shorter than the rest of my CRBs (not sure if it was a fluke or what), and I can’t stand wearing it. If CRB II is shortened even more than that, it may be pointless for me to own. 🙁

  2. I’m super annoyed about the recent price hikes, but I feel like I’m preaching to the choir at this point. I really love the LS true red swiftly, but I already had trouble shelling out $70 for it, but shelling out $80 is really tough. I’ll give it some thought and see if it sticks around long enough in my size.

    As for your dud, I totally agree and thought the exact same thing. $68 for a crop top is ridiculous, I don’t care if it’s lulu. What are they thinking over there?? $48, at the most, should be the price. If you really like the black one, I’d do a quick internet search for a similar style and end up spending about $40 less.

    1. Sometimes I like to put a bunch of stuff in my shopping cart and not open the app for a few days. Before opening up, I try to remember what was in said cart. If I can’t even remember what I wanted 3 days ago, then I didn’t actually ‘want’ it, I just had a case of upload adrenaline. Only the stuff that I recall is in there stays in there until it either sells out or I cave and buy.

  3. The Fast As Light 2 in 1 is $74. whopping dollars plus tax and the bra does not separate from the tank. I don’t need to spend that kind of money to cover my top just to go for a run. I think you are wise to rethink the pricey crop top. The way the back is designed (just like the runaway runaway) pulls the fabric in front and this looks like very thin pima cotton, not worth it.

  4. Katy did you notice that US got price increase too? Was not just Canadians. Check the 10$+ swiftly prices. A tank is now more expensive than a pair of speeds. Getting disgusted with lulu and myself for spending so much on it, I can’t do 80$ for a long sleeve shirt. 😒

  5. And btw the 2 in 1 tank is sewn to the bra. No detach whatsoever. So basically the laziest dumbest name for it, all their tanks with bras are 2 in 1s. What is going on in HQ lol. Ps. US speed prices up 4$ too

  6. Resale sights are getting all my business because I’m done paying ridiculous full retail. I actively keep an eye on the poshmark Lululemon feed and it is crazy how much Lululemon is listed and sold every hour

    1. I’ve been selling on Tradesy lately and they are going to start shipping to Canada too. The email said they’d start opening to Canadian sellers as well soon. I made enough over the last month to buy my plane tickets and have some extra cash for SeaWheeze. I started selling there because I’m losing weight. I like it better than Poshmark.

  7. I wear lulu “tall” skirts for golf! I am shorter than you at 5’5” but I never feel as though they are scandalous. They are the most comfortable for walking a course, especially when it is hot and humid.

  8. There is a guest review for the fast as light 2 in 1 tank on lulumum’s blog. With that price and that misleading name, people are gonna get their feelings and their money cheated of when they realise the tank and the bra can’t be worn as separates. Sigh.

    Anyway, I too want to see true red in person before deciding if I need anything in that colour. I’m glad I waited before buying anything anything in bali breeze because it felt underwhelming irl.

  9. As one who runs but hates shorts, lulu’s running skirts are the best. I highly recommend them! I love that one in true red that you included in your faves so I may use some of my saved seawheeze money to grab it in Canada since the seawheeze stuff was underwhelming.

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