5 Faves & a Dud: A Pipe Dream Come True

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

If you’re in the regular habit of working out, don’t stop for more than a week. Ever. The comeback is BAD. Given the post-vacation emotional ish that I went through a few weeks back and then fresh off the tails week+ business trip and then some last minute Memorial Day-ing to boot, doing Jerry in the 90-degree heat was just a BAD TIME. Like, I felt like i finished in 35 minutes, but it was really 29. I think last time I ‘slacked’ through that WOD my time was 27-something. Today I felt like I was trying.

First time in YEARS that I honestly wanted to give up mid-WOD. Fun times y’all, fun times.

Today was the most Mondayish Tuesday of Tuesdays that there ever was. I’m over it. But first, the lulu! I got so caught up working out of town last week that yes, I know, I never actually came back around to do the 5 Faves like I thought I’d have time to do. Fail.

Can’t be lame 2 weeks in a row, onward with this week’s picks! Check out the full lineup here. Agh, I’m back on a Mac after 11 days straight on a PC. COMMAND/CTRL Y U CONFUSE ME. I’ve got copying and pasting to do.

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/31/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback ($42) in pipe dream

Angjrilwgjkrsnsndgk. I thought a pipe dream CRB would ever only be that, so I settled for porcelaine a few months ago. Ah, I’m in a little bit of IDGAF mode today. Grapefruit and Pink Lemonade are practically the same color and I own both of them, might as well snag this one up given that I’m confident I’ll wear it all the time.

Favorite #2: Sculpt Tank ($58) in boom juice

Did this actually come out last week? A week before, even? I think it did. The iOS app showed it to me among all the other new stuff this week, so it is what it is. A fun tank.

My brain has been a discombobulated pile of spaghetti lately. Not discombobulated enough to lose the mental capacity to appropriately use the word discombobulated in a sentence, but discombobulated nonetheless.

On a bit of a Sculpt Tank kick after spending the week in hot hot Birmingham, AL. Air conditioning and fun display of an Energy Bra woooooo! How quickly my sentences go from 8th grade reading level to kindergarten.

Favorite #3: Speed Short ($54) in neon pink

Cue up another “wooooo!”. These are great in theory, but I fear that I won’t wear them often, given that I got the pink lemonade Speeds last summer and haven’t worn them yet. Between the fresco blue and pink lemonade Speeds that I got last year, I feel like a putz going through the store and loving kayak blue and neon pink SO MUCH MORE.

Such is life. Maybe it’s about time I consider selling some of my rarely used lulu so that I don’t have dupe guilt when something bolder and brighter comes along a year later.

Favorite #4: Baller Hat ($38) in rugged blue

I wonder if my trusty black perforated Baller Hat would feel bad if I added this into the rotation? I’ve got the jones for royal/deep blues today. On a scale of 1-10 of how much I’ve got the blues, I’m at level Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. (Let’s be real though, if you’re eating M&C from a box it better be Annie’s.)

Favorite #5: Urbanite Backpack ($128) in black

Want to know what I’ve done so far in 2016? I’ve fallen down into the lululemon accessory/duffel/need something to carry my girlish amounts of miscellaneous crap pit. The Extra Mile Duffel has proven itself to be a kickass overnight bag. The Free Spirit Bag has proven itself to be both a concert win and a work win, for when I need to keep a phone, sharpies & paperwork on me without jamming my pockets full and weighing my shorts/pants down.

The Urbanite Backpack would be phenomenal for to/from the office, as opposed to my current work backpack, which has been subject to now-dried rock salt from a Boston puddle while working a Celtics game and many years of air travel carry-on abuse. Busted zippers. I won’t quit using my trusty OGIO for work any time soon, no matter how ‘well-loved’ it is. However, this is looking like a prime candidate for toting a laptop and lunch for the days I’m living the cubicle life.

The Dud: Yoga Haven Kimono ($128) in mini wavy desert olive fatigue green

Hugh Hefner called. He wants his backup house robe back. Yes, your crazy Aunt Melba who lives in Boca Raton has this kimono too. Thought it looked familiar, didn’t it?

I’m probably going to go buy some blue stuff right now. Come on SMURF MAIL!

Anyone else as bananas for pipe dream blue as I am?


  1. The mindful wrap is worse than that wanderlust kimono imo. You should have a look at the pictures of the fatigue green one on the Canadian site.

  2. Love the pipe dream blue CRB and had to snatch it up immediately! Even better is that for some reason on the Canadian site it was priced at $29 instead of $42! Double win!

  3. I find reading blogger upload posts is easier on the eyes than the actual Lululemon website. I’ll just rely on you guys to tell me what’s new lol.

    1. Totally agree with this. I just read three blogs for the upload and haven’t gone to the Lulu site for it yet. I went earlier yesterday (upload day) and realized I had gone to the site so little the week before, I couldn’t even tell if the “what’s new” was last weeks or this weeks. Usually I have it memorized by the time it changes!

  4. Why is everyone obsessed with the pipe dream blue CRB? It came out two years ago and no one really gave a damn then. I sold it for 20 bucks and it took me like three months to get rid of it. *shrugs*

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