5 Faves & a Dud: Return of the RSYB

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

CrossFit is hard. Maybe it’s because today was the first WOD I did in a week, and it was a doozie. I got to play one of my favorite games with Coach Justin today, called “Guess Which State I Woke Up In Today?” He guessed Arkansas. That was last week. This morning it was South Carolina. Let me just say that I didn’t know what to expect, and Greenville was quite the cute little place. Plus, the hotel gave me Oreos dipped in chocolate decorated like little basketballs. Work perks.


24min AMRAP

4 Clean & Jerk (185/125)

20 Pull-Ups

16 Wall Balls (20/14)

When I reached pull-up #20 on my 4th round… blood blister. When I hit the 1st C&J in the 5th round, my left knee did an ouch. The kind of ouch it did when I tore my meniscus. I do not like when my knee does ouch-like things. My Moab gallivant is coming up soon, and ain’t nobody got time for injuries when there are lines to zip and ATVs to ride!

After spending a few dollars at my local Eastern Mountain Sports at their going out of business sale (hello Marmot rain gear for work), no lulu for me this week! Still fun to look and, of course, commentate.

Oh, and it’s MAY. CT, stop being in the 40s.

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/3/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Run Stuff Your Bra III ($58) in flash light

YAS. This makes me happy. If you don’t recall, I did some griping on heylululemon last year in defense of the RSYB. Women across the globe had a wide variety of colors to choose from in this beloved style, and the US was left to watch from the sidelines.

This return is unexpected and very much applauded. I was concerned the Rack Pack was the official replacement. On the scale of 1 to wahoo about this = YAAAAY! 😀 – I’d recommend snapping one or two of these up now before they go poof into the abyss again.

Favorite #2: Secret Sock ($14) in tofino teal/fresh teal

I know I’m not the only one out there who appreciates a strong sock game. While they’re technically ‘secret’ and you can’t see said socks, the sock swagger is still there. Is the term ‘swagger’ even relevant in society anymore? Unlikely.

While delayed on the tarmac this morning, I was scrolling through a slideshow of the attendees of last night’s Met Gala. I do not know who the majority of the celebrities invited to that shindig were, and I’m okay with that. I quit reading Perez Hilton a seriously long time ago. The point of my mini story is, who the hell am I to know what’s relevant with the YOUTHS these days? By age 30, all the f*cks I’ve been allotted to give in this life about celebrities have been, well… given.

Favorite #3: Free Spirit Bag ($58) in black

Next up in this week’s edition of “I want dis” is a downsized version of the sold-out Essentials Bag, the Free Spirit Bag. It’s not a fanny pack, it’s a BELT BAG and yes, I would like to own one. The ability to go hands-free and not have a crossbody clunking around at every swing and reach you make is quite appealing.

Favorite #4: Twist and Toil Tank ($68) in heathered black/black

Here is where my thinking cap goes on and I need to re-scour the lineup for the next 2 faves of the week. Given that this was the first upload of the month, I was expecting a bit more fun product than what ended up dropping this week.

While the heathered black fabric is nothing new, I do like the bra inside. It looks very supportive, and I’d be willing to give this tank at least a fitting room whirl. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the tank and bra detach from one another.

Side note: anyone else out there addicted to Haribo gold bears? Just me? Cool.

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Pant III ($98) in space dye camo seal grey deep coal

Classic lululemon style in a classic neutral space dye. Tough not to like.

The Dud: Serene Crop ($98) in black or white

If you were a white girl in college in the US during the 2005-2006 academic year, then you know this style all too well. F’in GAUCHOS, man. Here’s the problem with college. You get to do and wear whatever you want (within reason), and I consciously made the decision to wear gauchos out in public. To the club. With hot pink kitten heels. Many times. Eh, we all do things we’re not proud of. At least I wasn’t as bad as the girl I once saw on campus wearing them, untucked, with UGG BOOTS. 10+ years later and I still remember that atrocity.

More Words About More Stuff

  • Capsule of the Week: Free Spirit – the tank & short focus on being light & airy, while the pant features a subtle laser-cut floral detail for a waistband.
  • Both the Free Spirit Pant and the Beyond Boundaries Crop in white feature a double panel on the backside to reduce the sheerness. It is a bit noticeable, try on with cautious optimism.
  • The Hotwave Tank isn’t spectacular in design, and the poor thing comes in that now overdone heathered fabric that the &go collection can’t seem to get away from.
  • The Cool Racerback’s latest comes in foli manifesto bali breeze tofino teal. From far away, meh it’s a botanical pattern. Look up close? WORDS!
    foli manifesto | click to enlarge
  • The heathered tofino teal colourway in the Swiftly Tech Racerback just doesn’t look right. This could hit WMTM & the outlets quickly.
  • Another Sculpt Tank! This week’s newbie is freckle flower black white/black.
  • My mental style jury is out on the Wave twist lilac caspian blue/deep zinfandel Rack Pack Bra. The DZ seems a bit dark and intense to complement the lilac twist, if you’re asking for my 2 cents.
  • For those of you in the anti-luon camp, the Flow Y Bra IV is now available in Full-On Luxtreme; it’s only available in black for now.
  • Speaking of usually luon designs, the same fullux release applies to the Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise). Again, black only.
  • After making a splash with the Align Pant II release, rosewood now pops up in the Pace Rival Skirt II and the Street to Studio Pant II.
  • I like the floral cutouts on the side panels of the Beyond Boundaries Crop. A refreshing change from mesh mesh mesh. As mentioned above, the white ones feature a bonus butt panel to help combat showing everyone what color your underwear is (or isn’t).
  • If they couldn’t get the Enlighten Tight (Contour) to look right in the stock photos, then that weird shadowing (depending on your quad definition) may end up looking the same. Proceed with caution.
  • New print on the radar = pretty lace white black, as seen in the Wunder Under Crop III.
  • The Define Jacket is lollygagging around in an unusally low spot down the upload page totem pole this week. New color = wee are from space nimbus battleship. Not sure if I like the darker zippers.
  • From afar it looks like deep zin, but up close the new Precision Jacket is textured; chain link lilac deep zinfandel/deep zinfandel.

After all is said and done, there are a few things here on my radar, but nothing’s been ordered. What about you?


  1. When I saw the Australian spoilers I wanted all the tofino blue, but I actually ordered none of the tofino blue. Or any other,colour.

    You should probably pick up a RSYB after all that, no?

  2. I was in college those years and I did wear those pants. I rediscovered my old palazzo pants and crops while cleaning my closet recently and all I could think is: how did I wear these?

    I have the raspberry glo energy bra so don’t know if I need a RSYB in flashlight. But what if it doesn’t come in any other color?

  3. Belt bag, fanny pack, whatever you want to call it- they are awesome, especially when traveling and you’re out and about sight-seeing. This one looks a little too small, and price a little too high for the size. I have the party om bag, and have used it as a fanny pack a few times.

    REALLY like the new lace print, I’m hoping and wishing a pair of speeds in a fun color (not black and white please!) show up in this print. And make them 2way stretch 😀

  4. On another note, it’s 6:15 AM EST and WMTM stuff for this week is already there. Loads of regal plum bottoms, a bunch of Rack Packs in smaller sizes and other assorted goodies.

  5. Haha you’re so right about that heathered fabric on the Hotwave tank, but I really wanted a tank in Tofino Teal to go with my Seawheeze shorts (btw, finally got a shipping notice, hell yes!). I may keep the tags on that one in case a CRB or sculpt tank comes out in that color (bc that swiftly – ew). I ordered the pretty lace white black WUCs – I’m a sucker for neutral prints, so really hoping I like those. And I ordered the white beyond boundaries crops – I know it’s a gamble, but I just feel like they’ll be so pretty in the summer when I’m tan, and that flower cutout on the side – too much cute. Definitely not Crossfit pants, but let’s hope they work out (get it?!).

    OMG you reminded me of the gauchos I had; I thought I blocked that particular trauma from my mind.

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