WMTM Alert! 4/28/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Thirty new-ish items today, and the theme of the day is “Want a new sports bra? Buy one!” Check it all out here. Size 4’s always win on Thursdays.

What else is new?


  1. I’ve been waiting for the Rain on Tights, glad to have finally grabbed them. I missed the Track to Reality though. They sold out so fast!

  2. Thanks so much for the detailed rundown! I was having serious FOMO, thinking that my size in everything sold out while I was at a doctor’s appointment. Nope, just a scarce day for the 8-10 crowd.

  3. I stopped in my local store to see what I could find and wound up walking out with the Harmony Hoodie. I don’t usually like anything with an open back, but it has mesh under the opening. It is SUPER soft and I got FOMO. It made me feel better after finding two pair of Speed Tights on MD and they weren’t my size. Grrr. Don’t try on that Hoodie if you don’t want to buy it.

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