5 Faves & a Dud

Of course I have to shut the phone off for a Christmas concert in about 5 minutes. Curated 5 Faves will come up later after I’m done being festive. 

However, I wanted to post this FYI up ASAP: the &Go Long Sleeve Dress has arrived! Hopefully this means navy blue is coming soon πŸ˜€



  1. Dress purchased in heathered dark fuel! Still debating on the other &Go dress, but especially seeing the price difference ($30 more for no sleeves?!) I’m gonna have to love it in store tonight to pick it up.

  2. Nice of them to load it so close to Christmas after I’ve spent my budget on my loved ones?!? Why do I have so many loved ones?!? Why am I in Finance so I can’t not stick to my budget?!? #firstworldproblems

      1. Agh a Monday upload out of left field! Thanks for the heads up! Silly dress is sapphire though, I’m holding out for navy ☺️

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