T-5 Until OMFG / CALLOUT: I Need 13.1mi of Music!


Yup. My 20’s are over as of 12:29p this afternoon. Go figure I was born at lunch time, I have always been a hungry kid. 5 weeks ago, I had this genius (ha!) idea that signing up for a half marathon would be a great way to keep me from diving back into CrossFit too soon. It (kind of) worked. I caved and grabbed a barbell twice last week. It led to a bunch of DOMS and regretting the fact that I have yet to replenish my stock of Progenex Loco Mocha Recovery.

So, this week I calm the fluff down and taper. Why, because MY FIRST HALF MARATHON IS ONLY 5 DAYS AWAY! On October 10th, I will do what I’m sure my high school track coaches thought would never EVER happen: I run my first half marathon. I better not hate it too much, because, you know… I got into Seawheeze. No matter how good or badly that Saturday goes, I’ve got to suck it up and train to be ready to do this again in August.


Readers, I am looking for your suggestions! What are some of your favorites to jam out to while you’re trying to tell your legs to keep on going for 2+ hours straight? The comments section awaits. I’ve got Spotify Premium and I’m totally ready to use it.

Shoot, what are your race day (and/or night before) rituals?



  1. For running, I like songs from Pink. She’s just pissed off enough in a lot of them for me to feel solidarity when I’m tired.
    And my new favorite workout song is Bitch, I’m Madonna.

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  2. Pretty into this Nike Run Club playlist: spotify:user:nikerunclub:playlist:0UFQxGiMJtm0v71eQrgyTX
    But also highly recommend Florence & the Machine – Dog Days Are Over, M.I.A. – Paper Planes, and the Diplo remix of Sleigh Bells – Demons.

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  3. Happy birthday! My run suggestions include using Nuun energy tabs or cytomax in your water for before and during the run. I’m old school and like to listen to 90s hard rock while I run (think Korn, Soundgarden, Rob Zombie, or anything with just a bit of angst to make you dig deep and keep pushing). You can do it! Keep your arms moving and your legs will follow.

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