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I’m not so sure I’m a fan of this new Friday WWL. When I don’t have to be at work the next morning, I can’t always promise I’m sitting home in the evening with nothing else to do, waiting with bated breath for Katelin to post. So, if I’m not as on top of WWL now that lulu done gone and tinkered with the schedule, oh well. That’s the way the luon folds.

This week’s WWL features a handful of new prints, and the return of both the 1x a Lady and Bhakti Jackets. Let’s get the snoozy solids out of the way first.

HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 8/28/15

001 copy

The Bhakti Jacket is back for another year, this time with the word Yoga removed from the name. I was fortunate enough to find a black one on sale in my local store last year, and ended up wearing it a ton with leggings & boots during the cooler winter months. This color isn’t my favorite, but the jacket itself is flattering, as long as you are good with wearing a jacket that’s practically a turtleneck.


Canada gets the 1x a Lady Jacket. Looks cute and fluffy, but I’m sure for whatever lululemon’s going to try to charge you for this, you can take that wad of cash over to North Face or Columbia and get something twice as warm and waterproof for the same price. Lulu outerwear is just so bleeping expensive.

005 copy


006 copy

I like the color, but this skirt hasn’t ever made it onto the list of stuff I’m willing to part with my hard-earned cash for. Somewhere out there, I’m sure the Pleat to Street Skirts I, II & III will find a good home. Just won’t be my home.


Say hello to Ultra Violet! Struggling to come up with commentary on these. High Times may be my favorite style of lulu bottoms, but this color isn’t doing anything to draw me in. No worries, though. Fewer pants purchased result in more money that stays in the bank.

On to the prints & patterns!


This is another well-played combination of patterns from the same color family. This bra is not conducive to CrossFit or running, but this will make a cute addition to someone else’s yoga collection.

Black & Blue just go so well together. Happy to see lulu having some subdued (yet not outrageous) fun with the tie dye.
004 copy

All I can think of when I look at this print is squid ink and those flavored mini marshmallows we all had as kids back in the 90’s. You know… THESE:

MarshmallowStrawberry and Lime marshmallows plus squid ink. In a watercolor painting.

Thoughts on the jacket? Sure why not. Just not in this nutty pattern. Moving on.

Kind of strange how the stripes on the front don’t line up between the body of the jacket and the omega design. Oh well. I’ve already accepted that Defines don’t look right on me, so I’m not considering this any type of loss. Wonder if we will see any WUs or High Times dropped in this new ‘space dye twist regal plum alarming’?003 copy

All the ingredients for me to go OMG are in this tank… Black, Royal Blue, Lime Green and the fact that it’s a CRB. I like, but don’t love this one. Will likely wait to see this in person before deciding if it’s worth $42. If it’s all that dark ink printed on a white background, it’s unlikely I’ll make the purchase. #fearthefuzz

Overall, I like the incorporation of new patterns, but none of them have me counting down until Tuesday… which is good. I have plans Tuesday night.

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