This Week’s Upload: Pleats, Plaid & Pizzaz

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Guess who hit ‘publish’ before finishing the opening monologue? ME! *take two*

I’ve hit writer’s block somewhere between my haircut appointment running late, bolting out of there with WET HAIR, grabbing CROPS to wear to CrossFit on a super humid day and being spent from 3×5 Back Squats at 85%. Sounds measly for some, but having only gotten under the barbell 4-5 times in the last 3 months, I was just happy to calculate my percentages off my true 1RM and hit 14 out of the 15 reps prescribed.

Also looked down and found multiple pulls/pilling on my What the Sport *Mesh Tee this afternoon. Not a happy camper, because I really like this shirt. Dammit, lulu! What else ya got in store for the masses this week? Check out the full upload.

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/11/15

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech LS ($68) in heathered pizzaz

SwiftlyPizzazOoooh… orange! The underrated fall color that always sits second banana to cranberry. I consider this an uncommon hue from lulu, plus the subtle stripes are a nice touch. Survey says: currently in my shopping cart!

Favorite #2: Cool Racerback ($42) in heathered cranberry

CRBHCranCurrently trying to weigh in whether I should spend the last of this month’s lulu budget on this one or the Swiftly listed above. The heathered CRBs are just so damn SOFT!

Favorite #3: Tracker Short III ($54) in pink lemonade

TrackerPLThis color is growing on me! Wish it were released earlier in the summer, but better late than never, right? With the Super Squad, Run Times and Trackers all coming out in solid pink lemonade, I’m fearful and doubtful that they will come out with Speeds in this color. Sad face 🙁

Favorite #4: Scuba Hoodie II ($108) in mini camp check printed heathered cranberry black/cranberry/black

ScubaI want this to wear at a cozy October bonfire, and I want to wear this at a cozy October bonfire now. With s’mores. Lots and lots of gooey s’mores 😀 Also, I used to run around telling everyone in high school that my favorite color was plaid. So, there’s that.

Favorite #5: Run the World 7/8 Tight ($108) in cyber stripe naval blue black/naval blue

RuntheWorldThese are super fun! At first look, you wonder how they’re really different than the High Times that just came out last week. First, the fabric. They’re made of Luxtreme instead of Luon. While some Luxtreme pieces are a bit too sheer and not compressive enough for me, the cyber stripe weaves generally don’t have that problem. Also, the leg openings have a little bit of a slant, reflective zipper details on the ankle, and an accent band around one of the calves.

The Dud: Liberty Short ($58) in ace spot grain black/dottie dash grain black


Let’s keep the trend going… I’ve never been a fan of the bows in front on these shorts, and anyone who’s read this blog before knows how I feel about the ace spot grain dottie dash nonsense. #nope

Additional Notes

  • Cooler temps are on the horizon, sweaters & scarves are coming more and more into the fold (clothing pun intended)
  • The Scuba got an update, but I’m not sure the II is going to go down without a fight. New colurways in both styles were uploaded this week.
  • The Post Savasana Pullover is exactly what I’d want to wear on a couch with hot chocolate on a snowy Saturday afternoon
  • Same as the Scuba, the Pleat to Street Skirts II & III just don’t stop coming. It’s the infernal skirt >.<
  • Looks like Alarming’s finally on the fizzle. IMHO, Alarming was a bit disappointing of a color this past month or so. It looked so promisingly red online, and then was just an oddly dull bittersweet color in real life.
  • There’s a DUDE on the landing page today! Must be some goodies over on that side of the section they really wan the broskis to see.
  • I’m selfishly going to hope nobody buys the Definitely Raining Jacket so that it ends up on WMTM at a much more affordable price.
  • Can someone please enlighten me on how the Scuba Hoodie III and the On the Daily Hoodie are different? They strike me as very similar at first look, and I’m too lazy to nitpick.

Did anyone buy anything tonight? A few items have caught my eye, but I’ve been trying not to be so online shopping trigger happy lately.

When you act like this…


Your (at least my) bank account goes something like this:



  1. Just that heathered cranberry CRB for me tonight. My CRB collection has gotten a little crazy since they phased out the 105 Singlet, but LLA posted that it might make a return next year?! Here’s hoping it comes back with the feminine details I love like the scalloped edges. But yeah, it’s good this was a cheap week since I’m gonna be dropping serious cash at the Seawheeze expo!! (Also, can I just say how excited I am that the USD is really strong against the CAD right now? It totally means I can buy 30% more stuff, right?!) I’m hoping to try on the Daily Scuba, er, Scuba III, while I’m in Canada, will let you know if there is any difference with the OTD hoodie; figure the steep price will be alleviated by the exchange rate if I do decide to pick it up. 🙂

  2. Can we just call it an On the Scoobly? 😀 I crack myself up.

    Some designs from earlier this year are making a comeback overseas (like the Mesh With Me & Sculpt Tanks), so I suppose anything’s possible!

    Excited to see what kind of haul you come away from Seawheeze with! I was really happy to hear that they are doing a runners only shopping window before all the ebay sharks come in and buy the place up. 🙂

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