This Week’s Upload: Bottoms Top the List!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Does anyone else feel like this Tuesday needs to pack its bags and GTFO? Today after work, I made a beeline home for 2 necessary things. Wine & Wunder Unders. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not work out. Sit and wallow in self pity (chardonnay in hand) and wait for upload. I’d catch up on The Bachelorette if only Hulu would quit misbehaving.

Pardon me while I go off on a mini rant… This Ian guy’s attitude is quite poor. Could have cut to the chase and said “you’re not what I’m looking for” instead of shoot himself in the foot 800x both before AND afterward.

That confessional in the limo afterwards… oy. Here you sit in the backseat of the car claiming about how deep and interesting you are, but ALL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT IS HOW INTO YOURSELF YOU ARE AND HOW YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME SEX. The same ‘shallow’ subject matter he left the show over. Smells like hypocrisy to me.

ANYWAY – a Bachelorette rant is NOT the bloggery you came here for. 6:44p. I shall drink for the next 10min.

WHOA! 6:49p – Upload’s early again! Catch it all here.

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/7/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Run: Speed Short *4-way Stretch in floral sport tranquil blue multi/tranquil blue/black ($54)

SpeedsThese Speeds are hands down my #1! Wasn’t expecting the floral sport print to appear minus the brown twinge it’s had in recent incarnations, but now that it has I LIKE IT. I really, REALLY like it. Yay lulu!

Favorite #2: Scuba Hoodie II in heathered tranquil blue ($108)

ScubaI’m just gonna keep on riding the Tranquil Blue wave. I’m wearing the Tranquil Blue Swiftly right now, and it makes me happy just to look at. While Scubas are a bit thick for my taste, it’s great to see a core piece in a nice color with no doofy contrasting trim to ruin it.

Favorite #3: Run: Speed Short *Block-It Pocket in grapefruit/heathered slate ($58)

SpeedBlockitKeep on riding the Speed train, why don’t I? Go go gadget Grapefruit! Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets the Inspector Gadget reference.

Favorite #4: Wunder Under Pant in narrow bold stripe black angel wing/grapefruit ($92)

WUPKeep calm and cross your fingers for some classic lululemon derriere-flattering stripe alignment!

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Crop II *Full-On Luon (Reversible) in black/bali breeze ($82)

WUCGorgeous color, and COME ON. Reversible = 2 for the price of 1. Totally justifiable. Saves $$$.

The Dud: City Summer Dress in floral sport white multi/narrow court stripe black white ($118)

CSDressIt was a close call… the 1st runner up for the Dud was the Cool to Street Tank. The open back, eh ok but the banana leaf mesh? Nope. Yet, the (dis)honor goes to the City Summer Dress. I tried it on in store this past Thursday, and there was a just too much fabric. The skirt needs to be 3″ shorter, and the window in the back pops open in a strange way. The print is tolerable in small doses. Like a bra. A for effort, D- for execution.

Additional Notes

  • Alarming shows up again this week in the Free to Be *Wild Bra – hop on the red train before it leaves the station!
  • Nothing is blowing my skirt up from the capsule of the week, Cool to Street. Brights and stripes and high-contrast craziness are more my style.
  • Looks like the Superb Tank is making a surge with a few new colors available. I personally am a fan, having purchased one in Black a few weeks ago. Major comfort.
  • Swiftly lovers, warm colors are the hue du jour. Heathered Alarming and Heathered Grapefruit make their debuts with the LS, SS Scoop & SS Crew.
  • The Power Y Tank is available in the lovely Bali Breeze.
  • The more I look at it, the more I like the Sweaty or Not Jacket!
  • Gingham Wunder Under Crops = Picnic basket pants 🙂
  • High Times fans, a new version with mesh cutouts is now available. The black’s not half bad, but the gator green’s got me scratching my head.
  • Last week’s shady palms High Times seem to have grown 4 inches on the ankles, because now that print is available in the quite similar Roll-Down Wunder Under Pant.

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