What We Love: Who Dimmed All the Color?

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Long weekends are awesome, so what do I do with my free time? Go to lululemon & Whole Foods, of course. I’ve seen a few items on this week’s WWL in person already, even tried one of them on! Quite the preview this weekend, Katelin gave us the heads up on 11 items!

What We Love – 7/2/15


Capsule of the week is Cool to Street. Front zip bra? Pass.


I don’t understand this top. I envision the straps falling down a lot. Pair that with the muted color scheme and this is an easy nope.


I like the design, but the color isn’t much fun. NEXT!



I want to love the Define Jacket, but it just doesn’t look right on me. Wahhhh.


Half zip? Why can’t this come in a LS crew? I’m becoming a sucker for the Swiftly LS crews. Caved on the Tranquil Blue this afternoon after daydreaming about it nonstop ever since it dropped.


New to Canada next week, they’re already in the US – saw these in my local store this afternoon. Don’t love them, but don’t hate them. Speeds are my shorts drug of choice, so I don’t really pay attention to the other styles.


I tried this on today! There’s a nice pocket hidden in the skirt, but there was just a lot of material to this dress. Honestly, I thought it was a Runsie that I grabbed to try on for kicks, so I took a 10 (my shorts size) instead of an 8 (my tank/bra size). May have contributed to the fact that I was swimming in this dress. Wasn’t quite sure where the waist was supposed to be.

IMG_6143 IMG_6144

I suppose if you take out the crazy sports bra and add some girly accessories, this could be a sweet summer date dress! Then again, I should probably be able to get a date before I advise people on what to wear on them. Those who can’t do, teach. Amirite?


The gingham of 2013 is back! If only there were Roll-Down WUCs back when I got my first pair of these in navy/white years ago. These may not be some people’s cup of tea, but for some reason I’m a fan of the picnic basket look. Maybe because I love food so much.

All in all, it’s an underwhelming lineup, which is ok by me… and by ‘me’ I mean my bank account.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Exactly. Wallet is safe (hopefully, as long as there are no surprises on Tuesday). And all the colors remind me of lullabies. I like *bright* colors. This is no where near the bright color spectrum.

    I don’t mind the cool to street bras. Especially seeing as my daily bras are some form of a lululemon bra. I have workout lulu bras and everyday ones. This could go into the daily pile but the zipper would be seen underneath and I don’t think it would do anything for my flat-chested self. Oh well.

    Been thinking about that tranquil blue top too. It’s such a preeeety color. Sigh…

  2. I agree, I’m unexcited about this week’s upload, and good thing too… my local store had all the Wanderlust gear when I stumbled in last Wednesday. Ended up with the kimono and the white feather tie up top, plus some grapefruit speeds (LOVE), and a random pair of Paris Pink Groove shorts that were hiding in the rack. Given that I’m supposed to be saving up for Seawheeze merch, I’m all for the uninspiring uploads for a while. 🙂

    I saw the tranquil blue in store and I just didn’t think the color was vibrant enough. I’d been dreaming about it too, I just wanted it to be a bit more vivid, like my fresco blue one is. Can’t have everything I guess!

    1. I too am HUGE into Fresco Blue, but there’s something nice and calming about Tranquil Blue too… maybe I just really like blue 🙂

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