The Fitting Room: Girlfriend Tee & What the Sport Tee *Mesh


2015-06-21 FeatureDo you ever find that sometimes the most obvious idea is one that you never thought of before, and it just hits you like a ton of bricks? Like, hey WHY did I not think of that before? Well, I had one of those moments last week when I was thinking that I hadn’t been to New York City in a while. It’s really NOT THAT FAR. Then, it struck me that I’m an adult (haaa!) and can easily get in the car, drive to the train station and be there in 2 hours. Nothing I haven’t done before. So why the hell wasn’t I doing it?

As you know, Lulu likes to send selected new product to stores ahead of Tuesday evenings, and so there’s that fun anticipation of a weekend field trip of “will they or won’t they have it?” As you also know, I’m obsessed with getting my hands on the Pistachio CRB. I popped into my usual local store yesterday after doing lunch a block away, and caught a look at the Grapefruit On the Daily Hoodie, Bali Breeze FTBW and Cyber Stripe Silver Fox High Times. But no CRBs.

So, on this rainy Sunday morning, I woke up and decided that there was no reason NOT to hop into the car and drive 40min in the OPPOSITE direction of my usual store and check out the second closest lulu store to me. At least nobody knows me there, so I didn’t feel like as much of a putz taking 8 zillion items into the fitting room. No CRBs, but plenty of other pieces to have fun with. ANYWAY, enough rambling. Here are the first two looks of new/recent gear that I tried on today:

For reference, I’m 5’9″ and the scale told me I was a dense Cross-Fitting 168 last time I looked a few days ago. Whether or not I wear an 8 or a 10 depends on how lean I feel on any given day.

Girlfriend Tee

Girlfriend Tee – Size L

I had no idea what to expect from this piece, only that I knew it was super soft. It’s a bit of a dyslexic crop top. High boatneck in the front, and a V in the back. Also, it only comes in S-M-L. I opted to try an L. Liked, but didn’t love. Pass.

What the Sport Tee *Mesh

What the Sport Tee *Mesh – Size 8

I had this shirt on the brain when I walked in today. It’s sweaty hot humid in the Northeast right now, and I’m always looking for a sweat-wicking shirt that will help me stay decent when I’m working an outside game. Working MLB next week, so this dark color and techy fabric was a win for me. PLUS, because it’s not a standard knit, I know it won’t fuzz and fade in the wash. Let’s be real, here. Trying it on before buying was just a formality.


    1. Yup, not the first tee or tank to be ruined by my height! The weirdest part of this top was trying to get the shoulder seams to sit where they were the intended. Because of the higher cut neckline in front and its being lower in back, the entire shirt kept wanting to droop forward.

  1. I saw the What the Sport tee in white this weekend at a local store. It had the really cool looking gold reflective details on the shoulders. Loved the look, but I’m not so much a fan of SS tops to work out in/sweat in (live in FL where it is always f’in hot), so I didn’t even try it on. The top looks great on you. The material has a nice feel, looks like it drapes well.

    1. Thanks! I don’t work out in short sleeves, but my job sticks me outside in all sorts of climates. I like to repurpose simpler lulu items into work outfits, so i totally justified this in my head as “work clothes” 😀

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