A Peek at the 2015 Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust and the SeaWheeze Half Marathon are lululemon’s 2 big proprietary events. You run, you wander, you yoga, you dance, you live and you SHOP. That’s right. Special lulu events mean limited edition product!

2015 Wanderlust Exclusive Print
2015 Wanderlust Exclusive Print

Wanderlust is making its way to Stratton Mountain in Vermont a couple weeks from now, and lulu has done gone and snuckily dropped some exclusives in stores in the northeast for those of us who have no plans to attend the festival, but sure as hell like fun new stuff.

Below are a few photos from lululemon athletica newbury in Boston, MA.

For a more comprehensive rundown, check out Agent Athletica’s Wanderlust Preview for peeks at the Highest Times Pant, Shala Bra and more!

lululemon athletica SoHo
lululemon athletica SoHo

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