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Thursday already? Katelin’s shared her weekly picks on HeyLululemon.com, and I can’t say I’m jumping for joy over any of it. That means my Amex is jumping for joy that I’ll be giving it a rest this week. We’ve got a new bra in the mix, and another incarnation of ‘floral sport’ for us to keep track of!

2015-06-03 WWL1First up, the True Self Bra. Some think it’s whimsical and festival inspired as the designer intended it to. To me, it evokes thoughts of those Hot Loops things from the 90’s. If you don’t know what they are, I’d like to know what you did in your childhood to protect yourself from taking hot things out of the oven. My sister and I were potholder making fiends.

2015-06-04 WWL2Next up is another member of what I’m dubbing the ‘Hot Loops’ collection, the True Self Crop. Hot Loops woven detail around the calf, and an overarching theme of papier-mâché. Or, you know… Bleacher Stripe White Black.

2015-06-04 WWL3I’m square in the middle on the Yoga Flow LS. I’m sure it’s comfortable and light and airy, but is it too flowy? Depends on your body type.

Next on the docket is everyone’s trusty Wunder Under II’s in yet ANOTHER print with some incarnation of ‘floral sport’ in the name. I like them! However, I caved on the Heat Wave White Black crops a couple weeks ago, so I’m good with WUs for a bit.

2015-06-04 WWL4Ol’ Reliable, the Energy Bra, is making its way to Canada in Iris Flower. I wish the straps weren’t contrasting. If this bra were 100% solid, I’d be one of the first in line to add it to the lineup.

As for the Run Times, I’ve never tried a pair, so I don’t really have much of an opinion on them. not sure how I feel about the darker detail around the edges, kind of like what they did to the jewelled magenta speeds.

2015-06-04 WWL5Lastly, we have the newcomer Wrap it Up Tank and another Pleat to Street Skirt. At first glance, I liked the detailing on the tank, but as I look at it more, it looks more and more to me like a swimsuit. Anyone else see it?

I’m too tall for short skirts like the Pleat to Street, but I have to give kudos to lulu for the color blocking. I’ve largely overlooked this skirt because of my height and the fact that I can’t think of one reasonable occasion I’d wear it on this summer… but, I could be convinced to give it a try if I ever run into it marked down under $40.

What are your thoughts on next week’s drop? My wallet looks to be safe.

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