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Photo: @thedavecastro on Instagram
Photo: @thedavecastro on Instagram

Next up, my home sweet home – the East Regional. Once upon a time regionals were in a place not too far away (Canton, MA – about 2 hours north of here). This year, they were practically in my back yard. We’re talking 15-20min from driveway to parking space, tops. It was awesome.

I took a vacation day on Friday, so that one of my best friends and I could do what we dubbed #katystephiefunday – aka brunch, a trip to lululemon, regionals, wings and beer. ‘Twas quite the success if I do say so myself. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for the men’s portion of Saturday or be in attendance on Sunday, but it was still a fun time. It was awesome to be in the crowd to watch Kaleena Ladeairous finish Event 3. Everyone went nuts.

Also, it’s surreal to see the likes of Mat Fraser & Michele Letendre in person. So much talent and strength packed into such small people. I feel like a weak giant here at 5’9″. Anyhow… enough rambling. On to the IG links!


1) Mat Fraser | @mathewfras

2) Alex Vigneault | @vigneaultalex

3) Dan Tyminski | @boomsauce051

4) Spencer Hendel | @spec1414

5) Austin Malleolo | @amalleolo


1) Michelle Letendre | @mich_letendre

2) Dani Horan | @danihoran7

3) Kari Pearce | @knpearce1

4) Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault | @reason_caro

5) Kelley Jackson | @crossfitkelley

 Quick links to each account are above, or you can follow straight from the embeds below. Oh, and don’t forget about following yours truly @luluandthebox. #kthx

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Regionals are a wrap and I couldn't be happier with the results. Most of all though, I couldn't be happier with the people who surround me. This weekend was a success on all counts. In addition, thank you @crossfitgames for sharing #JenYoung story, I know she was watching and probably cheering for the entire comunity. It meant so much to see all the @love_the_snatch shirts and toques everywhere in the stands. Jen wrote me a letter on her blog back in February and thought me a lesson or two about trusting my abilities and fighting through difficult times which I believe was my biggest success this past weekend. Thanks for those lessons Jen, you prepared me for this weekend more than you know. #ltsfoundation #love the snatch #crossfitgames

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I've had a few days to unwind & recover from an incredible weekend. While I wasn't on top of the podium (or even on the podium 😉) I did accomplish my goal. I'M GOING BACK TO CARSON! This would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my family, friends & sponsors. @essigaj you are my rock – I love you. @kathygless for 31 years you've traveled the country to sit in bleachers and cheer me on. @crossfitgambit you'll always be home. Thanks for all the messages and positive vibes. @reebokcrossfitone thanks for making me part of your family. @prestonsmithphotography thanks for the high fives, fist bumps and great pics all weekend. And to my sponsors: @reebok @1stphorm @junkbrands @paleopowermeals THANK YOU! I would not be the athlete I am without you! #tinybeast #neversettle #gamesbound #saiyantraining #Crossfit #CrossFitGames

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