Run: Speed Short 4-Way Stretch #fitproblems


Alright. I’m in a bit of a love-hate relationship with the 4-way stretch Speed Shorts. Lulu, it sounds like you’ve been tinkering with the master pattern again. Once upon a time, early into CrossFit when my pants size was still a single digit, I bought a pair. They were a bit tiny. So, a few months later I sized up. This was Fall 2013.

After that pair, it was winter and I still had a heavy rotation of Under Armour capris, so I decided hey maybe shorts this short just aren’t for me. Fast forward to July 2014 to WHEN THE CAMO STRUCK. I’ve had this odd thing for camo print since college, so I pounced on both the Speeds and the Wunder Under Crops… and the CRB… and the Energy Bra.

Lo and behold, the camo Speeds were noticeably more generous with the fabric than I remember. Just a tiny bit longer in the back, so I didn’t feel like my ass was hanging out. *fist pump* So… I went on a Speed Short buying spree through the fall. Black Savasana Camo, Bumble Berry, Manifesto Script Camo, even as recent as Chevron Shuffle.

However, while taking a cruise through my local store for the big WMTM event this morning, I tried on the Star Crushed Black Cherry, seeing that they’ve been sitting in my shopping cart for the past few weeks, waiting to pull the trigger.

Now. I know I may have eaten a bit much corned beef hash for breakfast this morning, but these shorts were SMALL. I even double checked the tag to make sure I didn’t grab the wrong size by mistake. My friend Jen who recently got an extremely awesome pink pair noticed that hers suddenly fit like she gained 10lbs in 10min too.

Lulu… what’s the deal? I try on my Fall 2013’s, and they’re a bit snug. I try on my Summer 2014’s and I can’t jump rope without fear I’ll lose my shorts. The Winter 2014-15’s fit a bit better. But these Spring 2015’s? Mmmmmnope.

Has anyone else experienced this? Looks like I’m going on a Speed Short hiatus once again…


  1. I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else noticed! I literally brought my old pair of 6’s in and held them against the new 6’s and the new ones are definitely 1/2in-1in smaller in the waist. The 6’s fit like a 5 and the 8s are took big in the waist, like a 9. So pissed Lulu is messing with their sizing. The speed shorts are my favorite but I guess I’ll have to start looking elsewhere.

  2. Yessss!!!! I’m so glad someone else noticed this. So frustrating! The 6’s fit huge but the 4’s felt like I gained 10lbs in 10 mins. Perfect description.

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