Fit Review: lululemon Modal-Silk Yoga Tank Top & Open-Back Cropped Training Tank Top

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In today’s edition, we have… random tank tops!

Sizing Notes: I’m 5’9″ – in lululemon, I am a TTS 8 on top and a 10 on the bottom.

Modal-Silk Yoga Tank Top ($58) shown in Raspberry Cream

Why did I choose this one? The neckline, and raspberry cream was new at the time. It’s totes orange. If it were up to me, it should have been peaches & cream. 🍑

Shown here is a TTS 8. I think they may have been able to get away with letter sizing (S-M-L) with how adjustable it is, but I don’t make the rules.

(Side note: I am wearing an Athleta Solace Bra underneath the tank in these photos. It lines up perfectly with the neckline of this tank!)


Likes: Light & airy feel, feminine aesthetic
Dislikes: Knot will dig in your back if you sit back or lay down during a yoga practice
Sizing: Stick TTS, no need to go up or down with all the freedom the tie back offers.
Did I buy it? No
Why Not? While cute & comfortable, realistically I won’t wear it enough.

Open-Back Cropped Training Tank Top ($58) shown in Black

Love me a Sculpt Cropped Tank Top, so I figured maybe I’d get the same vibe here. I’m wearing a TTS 8.

The fabric is that abrasion-resistant knit that I wish we had a fancy lulu name for. I don’t want to call it waffley, because that’s not it, but it’s heavy and airy all at the same time. Not sure if I’d run on a super hot day in it, but I’d definitely throw myself down and do some burpees.


Likes: Fabric, arms cut to show a pop of color underneath
Dislikes: Drooped farther down in the back, hole didn’t align w/center of sports bra strap design
Sizing: True to size
Did I buy it? No
Why Not? Not different enough from what I already own

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