Fit Review: lululemon Blissfeel Running Shoe (Video Series)


After many years of mystery and a few weeks of hype, the lululemon Women’s Blissfeel Running Shoe was released last Tuesday! You know there was no way I *wasn’t* going to order up at least one pair. ‘Twas my duty as a blogger and a runner, has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a shoe nut. Yeah, that.

Without further ado… Meet Blissfeel ☺️

Unboxing Part I: Immediate First Thoughts

Unboxing Part II: Shoelaces, Stiffness & Sizing


Part 2: shoelaces, stiffness & sizing notes on the #lululemon #blissfeel running shoe #thesweatlife #lululemonreview

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Unboxing Part III: Lacing Up For the First Time

Welp, they’re running shoes. So I guess I better take them for a run? That’s coming next. 🙂

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