5 Faves & a Dud: Happy Blissfeel Running Shoe Launch Day!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

We’ve all known it was in the works for a while, but 2 weeks ago, lululemon revealed and finally put a launch date to *the* shoes that they’ve been working on for the last handful of years. For those of you who’ve opted not to follow along, there will eventually be 5 footwear options, with the first run-focused option, the Women’s Blissfeel Running Shoe, going on sale today.

Clockwise from top left: Blissfeel Running Shoe, Chargefeel Low Training Shoe, Chargefeel Mid Training Shoe, Strongfeel Training Shoe, Restfeel Slide.

Lululemon Footwear Release Timeline
  • Blissfeel Running Shoe – Available NOW, 3/22/22
  • Chargefeel Low Training Shoe, Chargefeel Mid Training Shoe, Restfeel Slide – Summer 2022
  • Strongfeel Training Shoe – TBD. My guess is late summer/early fall.

The Blissfeel came in hot with 10 color options, so in the spirit of March Madness, I held a faceoff on my Instagram & TikTok channels. The winner? Mink Berry!

Oh… and amidst all the footwear madness, a few choice pieces of gear snuck into upload a few hours behind, and I couldn’t resist.

5 Faves & a Dud: 3/22/22 Upload

Favorite #1: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 in Ripened Raspberry

FINALLY a Swiftly in tall-people friendly, or what I like to call normal, length. Even though I’d already ordered a pair of shoes instantly, I revisited the lulu app after my afternoon run and immediately purchased this one without batting an eyelash.

Favorite #2: Speed Up Mid-Rise Lined Short 4″ in Vivid Plum

I’ve got a penchant for black shirts, so I like to jazz it up on the bottom. Spring is *finally* showing hints of its arrival, so I treated myself to my first pair of Speed Ups since Red Merlot back in August.

Hopefully they’re bright enough to be fun, but if there are a few specks of dust here and there, I won’t pay any mind.

Favorite #3: Waterproof Cropped Trench Coat in Black

The boss mode business babe in me wants this for work. But I *just* bought the New Venture Blazer from the men’s side! I still need to try it on. Perhaps if the blazer doesn’t work, then the Cropped Trench will be mine!

Favorite #4: Free to Be Elevated Bra in Vivid Plum

This would make an amazing 2-piece set with the shorts I ordered. Why did I not order this bra while I was busy ordering up a haul earlier today? Shrug.

Favorite #5: Blissfeel Running Shoe in Flare, Mink Berry

I always intended to order one pair, because I’m a runner and… research. When the shoes uploaded, I instantly beelined for Flare (the super bright red), because that matches my run kit aesthetic the most.

On Running recently fitted me up with two pairs of their Cloudstratus, and I already don’t need more running shoes because of who I am as a person. But, I couldn’t get Mink Berry out of my head. Ever since I tried on Spiced Chai last summer to prove that I look dopey in mauve/millennial pink and realizing I was oh-so-wrong, MB has appealed to me as a street shoe.

I’m in between sizes, and got a 9.5 in Flare. When I saw 9.5 was gone in Mink Berry but 9 was still available 2 hours later, FOMO picked up the AMEX and added them in with the Swiftly & Shorts.

The Dud: Mist Over Windbreaker *Reflective in Spray Camo Silver Blue Multi Sirius Reflective Highlight Orange Multi

Lululemon dishes out hit after hit after hit, and it’s only expected that there will be an occasional miss. That’s why the Dud exists, to remind us all that balance does exist in the luluniverse. I usually get googley eyes for reflective gear – it doesn’t even have to be limited edition SeaWheeze – but this colourway isn’t it for me.

Anything Else?

  • I’m too tall for the OG, but I saw that the black Align™ Waist-Length Tank Top was restocked and decided to throw it in. I got a white one on markdown back in October, and it stays tucked in. Perhaps I can use it as a sassy layer underneath my new BLAZER
  • NGL I also had the Orange Soda Align High-Neck Tank Top in my cart at one point in time, but I couldn’t envision myself wearing it with regularity. It uploaded in Vivid Plum & lavender dew this week.

Vision Board of the Week

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  1. I went for the shoe in Butter Pink/Scream Green Light/Delicate Mint. I’m looking forward to seeing how they fit! Love the Ripened Raspberry color + hoping it shows up in more items. I am also a little disappointed that there haven’t been more colors in Align pants, particularly in the 21″ length. Come on Lulu…. fingers crossed. 🙂 Thanks for the updates Katy!

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